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Microsoft Teams is now available on Linux!

For the majority of you Windows users out there (myself included) this may be an update you could care less about. However, for our Linux folks out there this maybe some of the most exciting news you’ll see this year! Microsoft has recently announced the availability of Microsoft Teams for Linux users. This public preview can be found here and you can expect the client to include all of the Teams “core” capabilities. This includes: chat, video meetings, calling, and collaboration on O365 documents.

In an effort for Microsoft to support multiple mixed environments (Windows, Mac, and now Linux) this latest addition will only help to strengthen collaboration between all of your users at your organization. In addition, this also presents opportunities for developers who have built apps for Teams to be able to expand into the Linux side of things.

Installing the Linux Client
You can install the native Linux package in either .deb or .rpm formats. If you’re worried about auto-updating don’t worry, that’s all taken care of for you automatically via the system’s package manager.

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