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Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are small oval-shaped insects that can typically infest your beds and mattresses. Bed bug infestation is a serious form of infestation which can greatly affect your health and peace of mind. Bed bugs thrive on human blood for survival and they come out at night and bite your exposed skin. Bed bug infestation is very hard to detect as they are very small and crawl deep within the bed and mattress. It is very difficult to get rid of bed bug infestation yourself as bed bugs can reappear. Most of the pesticides available in the market can help in exterminating live bed bugs but they do not affect their eggs. It is highly suggested that you hire professional pest controllers for bed bug pest control service.

Another big advice from experts is that one should check for the signs of bed bug infestations. The earlier you spot the bed bug infestation the easier it becomes to get rid of them. Bed bug treatment is carried out by first sanitizing the bed and mattress. High-quality pesticides are used to exterminate live bedbugs and further removal of their eggs is carried out. So we are also listing some of the common signs of having a bed bug infestation, keep reading below to know more about the identification of bed bug infestation.


Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

• The most common sign is the appearance of red or brown spots on your bed sheets or mattress. These spots arise from the blood sucked in by the bed bugs and leftover the bed. If you happen to see multiple red spots on the bed, wallpaper, upholstery or wardrobe chances are you are facing bed bug infestation.

• Looking a live bed bug is another big sign of bed bug infestations. You can see them crawling within the mattress or bed creaks. Bed bugs appear like apple seeds, small, oval and flat.

• While you are asleep, bed bugs will bite your skin and suck blood. Groups of bed bugs will leave many red itchy spots or bumps on the skin. If the spots are multiple and follow a pattern, this can prove the presence of bed bug infestations.

• If you are having itchy skin, or skin irritation regularly when you wake up. Itchy skin with or without red bumps is also a sign of bed bug infestation.

• If you have regular bite marks on the legs, or arms or any other part of your exposed skin. Remember these bites must be visible in the morning while not in the night. Because bed bugs will bite you in sleep, not while you are outside.

• If there is an extreme case of bed bug infestation. The infested bed will have a sweet, musty smell.

• Visible signs and appearance of bed bug skins and feces in the places where you sit or inhabit.

• Visible nests or habitats of bed bugs around your beds, mattresses or furniture.


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