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A Simple and Effective Guide For Rodent Control

Deriving their name from the Latin word Roden, meaning “gnawing one”, rodents are mammals having two incessantly rising incisors in upper and lower jaw. They have to maintain gnawing the incisors in order to keep them small. General rodents comprise beavers, chipmunks, mice, rats, squirrels, guinea pigs and voles. History testifies the gravity of the problem rodents have posed to the mankind. They have been eating seeds and food stock up by inhabitants, spreading diseases and taking shelters in our homes for long they are one of those pests that cause health infirmities. Thus, rodent control has become a major concern for the people encountering their invasion and the government bodies fighting the diseases spread by them. What are the basic problems? What are the resolutions? The questions in abundance and the answers are elusive. Let’s see.

Rodent Infestation-Harmful Effects:

Rodent’s invasion of our homes and workplaces is not a new phenomenon. They come through the plumbing system i.e. the pipes and sewers, they make holes and passageways and walls and floors, they tend to live underground but they come out to collect foodstuff. The first and leading problem concerning rodents is the health hazards. Rats and mice, all over the world, are capable of spreading as much as 35 kinds of diseases. Their faeces, saliva, urine and bites carry damaging germs.

They eat up the stores food and cereals they can malign the house by excreting all over the place. So if you are a victim of Rat Infestation and you are unable to solve the problem, follow some easy tips or call rodent or Melbourne pest control professional to get it checked as soon as possible.

Corrective Measures:

Firstly, you should seal your house to prevent rodents from entering in future. You can do this by sealing gaps and holes present in walls floors, behind cabinets, around the doors and fireplaces, in the basements and in the attic. Then you should check if the pipes and drains are note leaking or in any way providing passage for rodents. After that, vents and exhausts should be mended if they are loosely attached. Pet doors can be responsible if they are small enough to be easily pushed open by rats. They can be sealed by using steel wool, lath metal, lath screens, hardware cloth, cement, metal sheeting. Second step of rodent control should be keeping the house clean and clear. Dining tables, chairs, kitchen sinks and floor should be cleaned regularly to stop rodents coming back for food. Trash cans should be disposed away from the house.

Now, when your house is secured, you should start trapping and eliminating the rodents living inside. Snap traps designed to catch rats and mice should be used. A small blob of peanut butter can lure these rodents successfully into the trap. Rat poison is an effective measure but there are some consequences like the possibility of them being consumed by your pets. Moreover, to keep them away from the children is a huge responsibility. Rats can die in inaccessible places filling your house with foul odor. These are the some of the most efficient measures of rodent control. But if it is not working or the proportion of the infestation is bigger, you can always go for rodent control professional. They have vast experience and expertise in tackling with these problems.

You have seen how easy rodent control could be. So you better act before it is too late because the rodents will never stop gnawing their incessantly growing incisors!!
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