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A strange Paypal dispute ticket

A buyer paid with Paypal, after just a few minutes, Paypal sent email to me said there was a dispute ticket, and the fund could be reversed.

My points are:

There is no problem to refund at all, but I am just confused about this
The buyer ordered our product, made a payment with Paypal, and we
received the payment, a few minutes after that, we received the dispute

You know just a few minutes, normally we ship the products in one or
two days, and this is agreed by buyers under the deal and terms of use.
What can we do just in a few minutes after receiving the payment? if we
don't do anything, then buyers can issue a dispute ticket to refund?

No problem with this order indeed, we are just telling that this
dispute is strange to us, we can prevent similar disputes happen again
if we know we did something wrong.

Paypal replied me:
Thank you for contacting PayPal.

PayPal previously placed a temporary hold on this transaction because we
had received a notification that the funds might be fraudulent. While
the transaction was in temporary hold, neither the seller nor the buyer
could access the money.

If PayPal receives this type of notification, we are obliged to
investigate the transaction in question further.
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