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How Good Are You At This Harry Potter Spells Quiz?

Do you consider yourself a guru in the wizarding world or would you rather leave it to Harry Potter? Well, if you’ve not heard of Harry Potter, the most significant aspect of his identity that you must always remember is his knowledge and use of spells to perform tasks, mundane to bizarre. Harry Potter’s wizard world brings along a wide range of imaginative characters, potions, and spells. As evidently seen from many people in trivia tests, you might claim to be a great fan of harry potter but know very little about his magical spells world. Should you want to test your knowledge of spells, take this harry potter spell quiz

Q1: Which spell is used to bring objects towards the person who casted them?

Ans: Accio, also known as Summoning Charm.  

Q2: Which spell is used to help open doors?

Ans: Alohomora. It unlocks things like doors and windows. 

Q3: Which spell makes an exact replica of anything?

Ans: Geminio, also known as Doubling Charm. The spell is also capable of enchanting an object to multiply whenever it is touched. 

Q4: Which spell makes things float in the air?

Ans: WingardiumLeviosa. This spell encompasses a levitation charm that causes objects to levitate or fly. 

Q5: Which spell opens sealed doors with just a small explosion?

Ans: Bombarda. This spell spurs small explosions, particularly at sealed doors or windows. similar to Bombarda, Bombarda Maxima opens sealed doors/windows but with a stronger blast. 

Q6: Which spell produces massive enchanted flames?

Ans: Fiendfyre. In case of an attack, this spell produces great-sized enchanted flames that take the form of gigantic beasts such as dragons and serpents that are capable of consuming anything that comes along their path. 

Q7: Which spell warns of intruders by producing a high-pitched shriek?

Ans: Caterwauling Charm. When cast in a specific area, this spell causes alarm when an unauthorized person enters the area. 

Q8: Which spell causes something that the opponent is held out of their hands?

Ans: Expelliarmus, also known as Disarming Charm. 

Q9:  Which spell places the victim under the complete control of the caster?

Ans: Imperio. It causes the victim to say and do what the caster demands of them.

Q10: Which spell allows the caster to see in the dark?

Ans: Lumos

Others include:-

-       Which spell is used to cure minor injuries? Episkey

-       Which spell can clear a blocked airway when choked maybe by food? Anapneo

-       Which spell conjures birds? Avis

-       Which spell turns the light off? Nox

-       Which spell prevents eavesdropping by filling the victim's ears with annoying buzzing sounds? Muffliato

-       Which spell erases specific memories from a person’s mind? Obliviate

-       Which spell amplifies someone’s voice? Sonorus

-       Which spell causes a cut/injury on the victim, which never heals? Sectumsempra

-       Which spell defeats transformative beasts that are the cause of your fear? Riddikulus/ boggart banishing charm. 


So, how many questions did you get right? Are you the expert you imagined? Well, it’s no offense not to get even a single quiz right; after all, we are all learning to be better versions of “Harry Potter”. But if you want to know all the secrets of a successful spell, you ought to make potter’s literature your boon companion.

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