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The capital of Yucatán has become one of the favorite cities to live in Mexico. Here we tell you which are the best areas to start building your heritage.

Mérida, a city located in the state of Yucatán, obtained the first place in the Peace of Mexico index the previous year. This city offers its inhabitants an endless number of cultural and recreational attractions; as well as, among other aspects, a good quality of life thanks to its economic activity, security and infrastructure development.

If you are planning to move to Mérida or invest in this city, here we share which are the best areas of the city to live.

What are the best areas to live in Mexico?

  • North Zone

  • Downtown area

  • West Zone

North Zone

The north could be classified as the best area to live due to its high level of security and access to services such as hospitals, shopping centers, prestigious schools and good connectivity.

Mérida is a city known for its high temperatures, especially in summer, which is why another advantage of this area is the high presence of trees and vegetation, which helps to cool the area.

Within its best-known neighborhoods, Buenavista and Campestre are very well connected to the city center and to important sites such as Paseo Montejo and the Campestre club.

The properties in this area tend to have luxury residential designs, and are located in residential developments that have large green areas, surveillance systems and recreational spaces such as sports fields.

In the north you can find houses for sale from 2 million pesos, as well as luxurious residences of up to 15 million pesos.

Downtown area

The center of Mérida is an excellent option for those who like a more active life since here there are many recreational and fun spaces such as galleries, theaters, museums, parks, restaurants and outdoor cafes. In addition, because it is a highly tourist area, you can find modules and tourist tours where they will provide you with information about activities that you and your family can enjoy.

Another advantage is that in the center you can find all kinds of services such as banks, hospitals and commercial spaces. It is also possible to reach any area of ​​the city thanks to road connectivity and access to public transport.

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The properties in the center of the city are usually of old designs so they are characterized by high ceilings and large patios.

In this area you can find small, one-story houses , from 1 million and a half pesos, to old and spacious properties of 15 million pesos on average.

West Zone

This is the growth area of ​​the city, many of the families that come to live in Mérida are located in this area. It consists mainly of subdivisions and housing developments with security booths. It is a good alternative to live in Merida as it is connected to the north and at a relatively close distance from the International Airport.

This area has generated added value due to the shops and services that have been established here such as cinemas, cafes, banks and shopping centers. In addition, there are attractions such as parks and the Animaya Bicentennial Zoo.

In the west of Mérida you can find houses for sale with one or two bedrooms for 1 million pesos, as well as properties for sale with 3 or 4 bedrooms for 3 million pesos.

Are you already convinced that you are enjoying the advantages of living in the White City? Begin your search for your future home here.



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