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Offers a new challenge to IT management

When hiring a public cloud provider, the support services and updates will be borne by the contracted company - remembering that within the customer's environment, where their operating systems are, updating is the contractor's responsibility.

The internal team will be responsible for ensuring the availability of connection - essential for the processes to work - and information security. After all, it is users who access, enter, modify and delete data, and it is up to IT management to manage these authorizations.

Microsoft Certified Professionals must first possess a degree in computer science, information Technology or related areas.

Data security, contrary to what many believe, is not exclusive to the cloud provider, but a joint work between the two parties - contractor and contractor.

Therefore, the company's internal IT management needs to have strict control over the levels of access to the infrastructure interface, providing the keys according to the needs of each professional, so that they access only the data necessary for their work.
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