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5 simple safety tips for your devices

The use of notebooks and desktops is extremely popular. They were the precursors when it comes to internet access and the use of software. Long before we thought about smartphones, PCs were already at our side, helping to develop work tasks, content sharing and entertainment.

Brazil has a large number of computers, about 5 for every 6 inhabitants of the country. This proportion translates into approximately 174 million desktops and notebooks in activity across the country.

Even with the popularization of mobile devices, a computer is still a popular machine, whether for work or personal use. In some cases, it is essential for some tasks, which makes it something very present in the routine of almost every Brazilian.

This reality of abundant use opens up a pertinent discussion: how to protect devices such as notebooks and desktops against virtual threats, such as viruses, worm and other malware.

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To assist you in the search for the best security practices for your devices, we have separated some tips to protect your computer and make use of it without major concerns.
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