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What documents do I need to buy a house?

Are you in the process of buying a home? We recommend you start putting all your documents in order to complete your purchase without problems. We tell you what documents are needed for the sale of a house.

Have you already found your ideal home? Now you only need to complete the buying and selling process to be able to enjoy your new home. You should know that the documentation to be delivered to be able to make the purchase of the property is on the part of both the seller and the buyer. To help you and guide you a little in this process, we tell you the documentation that must be prepared to deliver to the notary, in this way you can complete the sale in a more agile way, and, above all, without inconvenience.

What are the documents to buy a house?

  • Property title

  • Property and water tickets

  • Current appraisal

  • Personal documents

  • Credit authorization letter

Property title

As you well know, all property must be registered in the Public Property Registry to have the right to the property, therefore, this is one of the documents to buy a house that must be delivered to the notary to confirm the current owner of the house. Although, this is not a document that corresponds to you as a buyer, you must make sure that this document is in order and that it is delivered to the notary in order to continue with the sale process.

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Property and water tickets

Likewise, the seller must verify that there are no debts on the property. For this, the payment slips for the consumption of property and water for the last 5 years must be delivered. Remember also to make sure that the house does not have liens, that is, that it is free of debts from any current mortgage.

Current appraisal

The appraisal is the precise estimate of the value of a property made by an expert. This is an important step and a requirement in the home buying process. The appraisal will give you the certainty that the property is in good condition to inhabit it and that it is being sold at a fair price according to its characteristics. The appraisal is presented by means of a confidential document, which must also be delivered to the notary to carry out the sale of the property.

Personal identification documents

As in any official procedure, legal and official identification documents are essential to have the data of each person involved in the process. In the case of the sale of a home, both you and the seller will be responsible for delivering your birth certificate and official identification. For your part, in case of being married and being a joint loan, you must also deliver the certificate and identification of your spouse, as well as his / her marriage certificate.

Credit authorization letter

In the case of having requested a loan for the purchase of your house and that it has been authorized, you must also deliver the credit authorization letter, which must be delivered by the financial institution to which you have requested it. .

It is important that you know that the documents to buy a house also depend on each situation, so it is possible that the notary will ask you or the seller for some other document to continue with the process of buying and selling your house. Always remember to approach and advise your notary with any questions you have.

We also explain the process of registering a property so that your purchase process is as agile and quick as possible.

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