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Understanding what the market is looking for

Technical knowledge will take an information technology professional a long way, but some of the skills that contribute to a successful IT career are apparently not related to the technical profile. Softs skills - or personal skills - such as the ability to communicate, negotiate conflicts and work well in a team, are also invaluable for business - especially at the managerial and executive levels. Meet some of them!

Problem solving
Companies no longer work with technology just because of it, itself. Today, as an IT professional, you must be prepared to support the company's strategies . This means using technological resources to resolve issues related to the business. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to identify a problem and indicate solutions to it through technology.

Solving a problem can mean thinking outside the box with your own ideas. Or talk to your customers and employees to get other perspectives, offering a broader understanding of problems and possible solutions.

Emotional intelligence
Having emotional intelligence means assimilating that emotions can drive our behavior and also affect people, in a negative or positive way. Learning to manage these emotions, especially under pressure, is one of the characteristics of a high-performance professional.

Intelligent machines will be able to identify problems and offer corresponding solutions, but it takes an emotionally intelligent human being to stimulate a team of people, avoid political tensions, boost morale and celebrate (or sympathize) with the team after a project is launched.

The Juniper JNCIA Engineer will Monitor, Maintain and Configure IP Networks supporting Data and Voice.

Presenting ideas and communicating your vision is essential, as is listening and understanding what other people say. Without effective communication, organizations cannot function well. Whether communicating during a presentation, whether by email or in a one-on-one, the ability to share information accurately and without prolixity will make an IT professional stand out.
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