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Freelancers site lists the most sought after skills on the market

A study carried out by Upwork , a service where it is possible to find professionals in various areas to perform freelance jobs, showed which skills are most desired by employers in search of freelancers in the second quarter of 2017. In addition to listing the 20 skills that grew most in searches , the survey also shows those skills that have recently emerged and that make the head of those in the job market.

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What the list reveals is not much of a surprise to anyone connected to the world of technology : the most desired skill in the search for freelancers is in virtual reality programming . The study shows that demand increased by no less than 300% compared to the same quarter last year. About 65% of the list of 20 skills is occupied by IT skills .

Check out the top 10 of the most sought after skills in freelancers according to the study of the website Upwork:

1) Virtual reality
2) Natural language processing
3) Econometrics
4) Learning Management System (LMS)
5) Neural networks
6) Penetration test
7) SEO audit
8) Image processing
9) Asana work-tracking
10) Facebook API development
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