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Computer engineering Career

The Computer Engineer has his work more focused on hardware , he is the one who develops computing devices to operate in conjunction with software and make this process a final product. Like the Computer Scientist, the Engineer also needs to have programming knowledge, especially to create the software for his hardware, if he does it himself. In addition to everything mentioned above, the engineer can still go to the branch that deals with the realization of projects and construction of computers, microchips and processors. Recalling that the Computer Engineering course does not focus on the development of personal computers, but on computing systems in general.

Some computer engineering degrees have an emphasis on software engineering, thus reversing the role of this professional, making him much more an organizer of large projects. It will be his responsibility to choose which languages ​​to use to solve the problems, which servers and systems to buy.

IT support technicians play a vital role in enterprise computing and networking environments. This educated professional identifies and resolves technical issues in an enterprise setting.
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