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Step By Step Guide To Get A Marble Machine

You might be thinking of something cool to do especially since you are feeling bored having nothing to entertain yourself with during these hard times. It can be quite a hassle to think of something to have fun with for sure. The good news is with the marble machine that you can easily have 3D printed and assembled, then delivered straight to your door; you will never have to get bored ever again. In order to do that, all you will need is to get to know more about it and to give you an idea about how to make things work out for the better; here is a step by step guide on how to get a marble machine.

Pick base

The first step to getting your cool machine would be to pick a base. There are a lot of choices out there and all you need to know would be that there are a lot of unique layouts and mechanisms that you can go through so that you can figure out which one you would like to try out. Surely, this is something that you should be able to enjoy and make the most out of. It would be fun to actually get to the best that you can and just have fun with it. You just need to pick one that you think will fit you and then have that as your base.

Pick modules

The next thing that you need to figure out would be the modules and they are more than compatible with the bases so you can get what you want from there. You can get as many variations as you want it to be and find out new patterns for your marble to go and travel about. It would surely be fun once you watch your marbles go and race down the path that you have chosen for them. There is a wide variation that you can choose from so you can definitely have fun with this so that you will have no problems in the long run.

Choose color scheme

After you have selected a base and a module, the last thing to do is to select the best color scheme that you want. It can range from two colors to more depending on how you would like things to look like. You can be as creative as you want and this would greatly affect how your marble machine is going to look like so you might want to pick one that is definitely the most appropriate for you. You want one that you can look at and be happy with it. There are tons of colors out there so you can never go wrong.

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