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Is it safe to throw flushable wipes in your toilet?


These days, people have started using flushable wipes because they feel that it can be safe to flush down the toilet. If you face regular toilet clogging, then it might happen because of these flushable wipes. The name of the wipes isn’t enough to believe in them. How do you know if they don’t clog your toilets? If you will ask any plumber, then he will tell you that these wipes aren’t flushable at all. You will long plumbing repair bills if you won’t throw wet wipes in the dustbin.

In the market, you can find wet wipes named as septic safe, flushable, and organic but that isn’t the truth. These wipes will break down but it will take a lot of time when compared to a normal toilet paper. If you think that the breakdown of wet wipes is immediate, then you are wrong because it will take a lot of time and till then, your toilet might stay clogged. If you find that there are rapid blockage and clogging of pipes at home, then this might have happened due to flushed wet wipes. If your toilet has already clogged, then you can give a call to the blocked drain Cranbourne professionals who can get the work done.


Which products can cause blockage in your drains?

When you flush these flushable wipes, then they can get connected with other products that are stuck in your sewer or drain. The paper towels, toilet paper, dental floss, cotton swabs, pads can get create clogging in toilets. All of these items can be harmful to the toilets and can create a lot of mess. If you don’t want to face extreme clogging problems in the future, then you should get your drains cleaned now.

What products don’t cause problems after flushing?

Even though flushable wipes seem safe for the toilets but these aren’t safe at all. It is best that you opt not to use them. Toilet papers are better than these flushable wipes because the former is cheaper as well as less harmful for your toilet. The only thing which can be flushed in the toilet is the toilet paper. If you can also avoid flushing them, then nothing would be better than that.


What to do about the clogged toilet?

It can be embarrassing if your toilet gets clogged when guests might use the toilet. If you face frequent toilet clogging issues, then you should avoid using wet wipes and also call the professional plumbers who can solve this problem immediately. They are experienced and know all about unclogging a toilet. It is best to avoid DIY hacks until you are good at it.

If you don’t want to face any clogging problems, then you can contact WP plumbing services They will help you with all kinds of issues related to plumbing. They will help you to learn about the maintenance tips of the plumbing system of your home. You just need to give a call to the blocked drain western suburb professionals if you want to get the best services.
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