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Energy Comparison For Business 101: All The Tarifs You Need To Know

As a business person, we all conduct energy comparison for business. How valid your business energy comparison will depend significantly on your ability to understand the different business energy tariffs. So if you want to make a sound decision on which business energy supplier to go for, here is a look at the various meaning at the various business energy tariffs.

Business Energy Tariff types & info

When conducting your energy comparison for business, there is a need for one to understand the different business tariffs before settling on specific business energy suppliers. Your decision to settle for a particular business energy supplier will depend significantly on your specific business needs.

Valuable Price Tariff

Valuable price tariff is determined by market fluctuation, thus means that you won't be having a constant utility. Also, your energy consumption will determine your business gas and electricity bill. So if your energy consumption does vary, you should think of going for this kind of tariff.

Fixed Price Tariff

For a fixed price tariff, the business energy suppliers will have a look at your meter readings. From your meter readings, one will be charged an estimated tariff each month. During your time comparing business energy prices as long as you know how much energy you spend, you can go for a specific fixed price tariff.

Price Freeze Tariff

Price freeze tariff is similar to fixed price tariff. However, the big difference comes down to the guarantee that the business energy supplier does offer. With price freeze tariff, your business energy supplier will not increase your business gas and electricity bill throughout your contract. However, with this tariff, you need to understand how much energy you are using and your energy consumption to be consistent throughout the contract.

No Standing Charge

A lot of business energy suppliers do offer business energy with standard charges. Standard charge means that there is an initial flat rate, no matter your energy consumption. However, with no standing charge, there is no flat cost, your bill will depend on the energy units you do use and the charge of each unit. However, the biggest problem with this tariff is that the price per unit tends to be higher than the average rate.

Green Tariff

How much do you care about the environment? With green tariffs, your business energy suppliers will match your business gas and electricity consumption with renewable sources. The other way is that the business energy supplier will contribute to environmentally friendly based projects dependent on the amount of business energy you use. By going for a green tariff, you will be doing your part to protect the environment through your business energy suppliers.
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