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Has Mobile Gaming Taken Over From Console And PC Gaming?

Sometime back around 2008, the mobile gaming industry struggled for sales and credibility. Even after the launching of the App Store and iPhone, the revenues stayed minimal until around 2012.Since then, the run of mobile games has been somewhat impressive.

Everyone, including game developers, has been amazed at how mobile gaming has become prominent over the years – it has even become a massive competitor to its console and PC counterparts. The mobile gaming niche has been growing over the years, and what was once a despised video gaming community is now coming to take over the console and PC platforms.

A few years ago, this outcome was almost impossible. However, currently, 51% of the worldwide global games market, the mobile gaming world has taken center stage and continues to experience prevalence.

Why Is the Mobile Gaming Niche Taking Over Console and PC Gaming?

The mobile gaming started very small. As of 2012, consoles and PCs enjoyed about 82% of the global gaming revenue. Mobile gaming enjoyed only 18%.From 2012, it only took about four years for the mobile niche to come on top of the gaming sector. So are interested to know more about mobile gaming or pc gaming while hosting? Learn more here.

So, what influenced the rapid growth in just a short time? Here are some of the reasons.

Almost Everyone Has A Smartphone

With growing interest in tech advancement and smartphones, mobile will offer almost all the services a laptop or a PC offers.Mobile devices are affordable and convenient as compared to a PC, a gaming console, and a TV. A smartphone is just a single device, and it will do almost everything.

Mobile Gaming Offers Gaming Experience Without Restrictions

Unlike consoles and PCs, where at times there are micro-transactions, mobile gaming offers an ultimate experience that comes without restrictions.With PC and console gaming, you have to purchase a game and its expansion as well. When it comes to mobile gaming, you only spend more on the optional packages.

You Can Play Any Time Anywhere

You are always carrying your phone anywhere you go. When it comes to consoles and PCs, you must plug to play. Smartphones are always at your disposal.You can be able to access a mobile game anywhere you are you only require to have a charged phone and maybe some internet access.

Mobile Gaming Is Cost-Effective

Consoles and PCs are expensive as compared to smartphones. If you use a PC to play your game, the monitor is indispensable. With a console, you must have different, including an excellent speaker and a TV. With mobile gaming, you only need your phone.

With the increased demand for mobile video gaming, more fully-fledged titles are probably going to hit the market. Well, smartphones have a smaller screen, but many are ready to make the compromise, right?
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