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Standard AXL API Access

For full functionality, an application user must be created with user group access that contains a user role with “Standard AXL API Access”. This role includes AXL write access on UCM for the sole purpose of updating the Controlled Devices List for the application user. Adding endpoints to the Controlled Devices List is required for Vyopta to provide live status for video devices and phones. Vyopta uses the “updateAppUser” and “executeSQLUpdate” AXL commands to automatically add endpoints to the Controlled Devices List upon creation, slightly automating the process device monitoring.

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The “Standard AXL Read Only API Access” role can be used in situations where “Standard AXL API Access” is restricted. Note that when using this role, it is the responsibility of the customer to add endpoints to the Controlled Devices List in the application user or they will not be able to be monitored in real time. Also note that when using the “Standard AXL Read Only API Access” role, validation of UCM will initially fail in Vyopta and must be manually bypassed to complete setup.

The following services must be running. If any are not it will cause a validation error upon setup. Validate that these services are running when walking through the configuration

Cisco Call Manager (note: If CallManager service is not activated then you will be unable to verify
and enable the data collector service for CUCM. Please contact support@vyopta.com.)
Cisco CTI Manager
Cisco SOAP – CDRonDemand Service
Cisco CAR Web Service
Cisco AXL Web Service
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