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Why Is Bonnet Cleaning Not Preferred As A Carpet Cleaning Method?

Carpet Cleaning has become an important thing in everyone’s life as carpets work as the natural air filters inside your home that prevent any harmful bacteria from causing sickness. However, dirty carpets cannot protect you, so carpet cleaning becomes necessary. In order to trim down the maintenance of carpet cleaning, many of us have switched to Bonnet Cleaning.

How Exactly Does Bonnet Cleaning Work?
Bonnet Cleaning is a method of carpet cleaning which is considered for regular maintenance of the carpet. But however, there are many firms that don’t choose Bonnet Cleaning as a method to deep clean the dirt from the carpet. In the process of Bonnet Cleaning firstly the carpet is vacuumed and then a chemical solution is sprayed on it to remove the dirt from the carpet. An absorbent pad and rotary shampoo machine are then soaked with a cleaning solution. As the machine passes over the carpet it extracts the soil and dust particles into the cleaning pad. However, Bonnet Cleaning doesn’t do so well with the variety of carpet cleaning.

Reasons Professionals Don’t Use Bonnet Cleaning:
There are plenty of reasons that a professional doesn’t choose Bonnet Cleaning as an effective cleaning method.

• Bonnet Cleaning only cleans the top layer of the carpet. We all know that germs, molds, bacteria are present in the deeper layer of carpets. With Bonnet Cleaning the deep areas of the carpet are not able to reach. Thus, the carpets are not cleaned in an effective way.

• As the fibers of the carpets are not cleaned deeply the chemicals and dirt remains in the carpet and allows the bacteria to multiply itself and this affects not only yours but your family’s well being too.

• The process takes a long time. It may take from 12- 24 hours to completely dry the carpet after the Bonnet Cleaning method. This also increases the risk levels as wet carpet possesses a high level of molds and bacteria.

• There is a risk of mold growth in the wet or damped carpets.

Why Hire Professional Cleaning Services?
You can always hire professionals if you don’t have the required knowledge to deep clean your carpets. There are many different methods that professionals use in order to Carpet Cleaning in South Yarra. The experts have knowledge about the machines and the textures of the carpets which vary from one to another. Not only this; carpet cleaning services ensure that the carpet is free from the allergens and molds that can harm your health. Pet urine stains, odors or any hard stain which is bothering you can be removed with the help of carpet cleaning professionals who are well trained to provide you the solutions. you can also find a Mathys How To Remove Oil Based Stains From Carpet?

Why Should You Hire SK Cleaning Services Professionals Rather Than Opting For Bonnet Cleaning?
There is no doubt that various ways exist which you can use in order to deep clean your carpets. But most of them require time and effort. So, calling for SK Cleaning Services professionals gives you ease and also provides you with the best services on which you can rely on. Our SK Cleaning Services experts also ensure that the services provided by them are satisfactory and their work can be seen by you at the end.

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