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The future is today

Professionals who understand what and how work are being replaced by a system that works in an automatic mode, which we will all be forced to blindly trust.
Future technologies are already here and in the near future can radically change the world in which we live.

Social networks tell horrors about the transportation industry - robots will soon very quickly begin to force drivers out of the way. Moreover, it’s a shame: they will supplant professional drivers, but there aren’t any road repair workers with much lower salaries, because many different manual operations are needed there. Those. humans will serve robots for a penny. It's a shame. The problem is that this trend will not be limited to transportation. It is likely that they will come up with a chip that you can install for yourself and know all the languages of the world, and you don’t even need to download a translator free on itunes

As a result, we have that in the near future another profession will come into question.
And if you think about it, there will be more than two such dying professions, and they will not replace new professions (which we are told about), because so many people are not needed in new professions. What will remain as a result: a laborer serving the robots, a development engineer (IT), who makes new software and a professional who creates and controls the production process.
We get such a horror. With the introduction of automatic systems, we gradually come to a situation where the industry becomes fully automated. A robot, by definition, does not understand what it is doing. Robots are created and configured by IT specialists, who also do not understand what he should do. Professionals who understand, gradually simply cease to exist, and on a certain horizon we get a system that works in automatic mode, but we do not understand how and what it does, and are forced to blindly trust it. Adapting it to any changing conditions will also be difficult, because it is unclear how it works, and people who understand what and how do not.

Capitalism, which is not driven by kicks in the direction of development, very quickly through "optimization" will cut off all that is superfluous, which will necessarily include higher education and systematic training of specialized specialists.

Well, and the last. All this future has already been described. Unfortunately, we will not live in the world of brothers, but in the grim future of Philip Dick. A great man was, even then (even under substances) he described the model that is only beginning to be built today ...
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