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4 Deadly Diseases Which Can Be Caused Through Mice Infestation

Rats and mice can pose serious health threats. There are millions of homes that are already infested by these rodents. The infestation gets more serious during winter times. The widespread use of mice and rats have also been associated with the spread of different types of diseases including common cold and flu.

If the infestation is not regulated on time, then it can lead to wide-spread of many serious diseases. This can get more serious the moment they come in contact with your food. Mice and rat infestation is a major issue for almost everyone.

If the feces are allowed to get accumulated in your kitchen then it can result in the spread of harmful microbes and bacteria. It also increases the chance of your food from getting contaminated. It can also trigger all types of allergic reactions. High-level infestation can also result in an outbreak of many harmful diseases.


Hantavirus Widespread

One of the most common types of disease that occurs on account of mice and rat infestation can be listed as Hantavirus. This is a type of disease that is mainly spread by rodents. It can easily affect the health of human beings.

The disease commonly spreads through the urine of these creatures. Apart from this, saliva and other droppings by house rodents can also spread this infection in humans. So if your home is seriously infested by rats and mice then you are more prone to be affected by this condition. If the condition gets serious then it can also result in the death of an individual.

Bubonic Plague Infection

Another most common disease that spreads by mice and rat infestation is known as Bubonic Plague. This disease is also commonly termed as black death and has been rated as a highly contagious type. Once infected, it can easily spread to other healthy individuals.

In the initial stages, the patient will suffer from mild fever but if left untreated then it can lead to plaque formation. The condition is also considered as very painful for humans and can lead to death.

Salmonellosis Infection

This is a type of infection that is caused on account of eating food that has been infected by rats and mice it can lead to a condition related to food poisoning. The condition can be identified by its unique symptoms including fever, abdominal pain, and diarrhea.

As per statistics, it is expected that thousands of individuals are commonly infected with this condition on account of rats and mice.


Rat Bite

Rat-bite may not be uncommon for many, but it is considered as a serious infection. The condition can get fatal if the mice or rat is already infected by a microbe. In most common, the condition is also not severe until about a few days, when you may notice muscular pain, abdominal pain, fever, rashes, vomiting, and headache.

You also need to keep in mind that mice and rat infestation can also cause a serious threat to your home or property. They can do a lot more damage then we can expect. In order to regulate them, it is important to take proper precautions at the right time.

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