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Do Flea Collars Really Work?

Do flea collars really work? This might be what you ask in your head before you come and enter this page. There are controversies around the use of flea collars, and since it costs quite an amount of money to get one of them for your pet, you are wondering if you will gain a proper and satisfying result with this.

Do Flea Collars Really Work? Pros and Cons

Before anything, I should say some people claim flea collars work quite well to eliminate fleas on a cat.

However, your pet might feel uncomfortable in this stuff that you should consider doing different things for the flea treatment. Asking a veterinarian would be the best bet you can do as they will advise you based on what your pet can endure and work effectively for them. Going along with their suggestion should give you the best answer.

I have even once asked my vet the same question: do flea collars really work? His answer is quite shocking because he said it will just be some kind of money wasting. Using flea collars for your pet would just make the fleas go to other available places they can access, which means very useless. I have even tried it and while brushing my cat’s hair with a flea comb, the area with most fleas exists is surprisingly the area near the collar itself. What a shock!

Furthermore, over the counter remedies are also wasteful. My vet told me that a lot of cats have been experienced seizure from those products and some of them actually died. It is important to note that a lot of products claimed as remedies are not safe. Instead of working well, these products may leaf bad reactions and they are simply risky to your pet’s health. The best way is absolutely by leaving the treatment you take to your vet’s suggestion.

Seeing the flea collars again, they are definitely horrible for animals if you believe they are strong enough to kill fleas. Having something this poisonous hanged around your pet’s neck should make you worry before anything. Flea collars are basically money-wasting if you can find other more effective treatments from your vet. However, if you purchase one, you have to look at the expiration date of the collar you want to buy. Having your pet wearing an expired collar would lead them to death.

Do Flea Collars Really Work? Other Approach

So, what is the best approach you can do for your pet’s sake with their flea infestation? Doing a regular flea bath should help you kill most of the fleas on your pet. Follow it with any flea treatment product you can get from your vet based on his advice. Frontline or Advantage are some of the products you may rely on as effective flea eliminators. If you find the approach with flea bath is not helpful, you should try going with Frontline since it gets rid of many cases of flea infestation and has a good reputation.

Still, one of my friends has been using flea collars with a breakaway type called Zodiac claims that it has done successful flea elimination. Applying Frontline Plus on your pet’s neck every month is nice as well and will be less risky for your lovely pet. So, do flea collars really work? Hope this article can answer your question. For more info about how to get rid of fleas on pets, call Brisbane Flea Control professionals.
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