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PC Technicians II

For most PC technicians, the CompTIA A+ Certification is the most obvious and likely credential they will pursue. Starting with the new year in 2011, in fact, those who earn the A+ certification will subsequently have to renew their credentials every three years thereafter, either by meeting ongoing continuing education requirements or by re-taking the latest exam.

Those who earn an A+ before December 31, 2010, get to remain certified for life, but even they must recognize that keeping current is not an option, but rather a vital necessity, given the rapid pace and high frequency of technology changes in the PC world.

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Other certifications worth considering for individuals interested in PC technician jobs include Microsoft's Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST), its Certified Desktop Support Specialist (the MCTS program offers credentials on Business Desktop Deployment, and on Windows Vista and Windows 7 configuration), and its Certified IT Professional (relevant MCITP credentials include the Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7, Consumer Support Technician, and Enterprise Support Technician).
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