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What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like and Treat Bed Bug Bites

Are what you have really bed bugs? The first question many people ask is: What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

Finding bed bugs at home can be overwhelming for house-proud people. An infestation can have many repercussions apart from health concerns, such as financial hardship or feelings of anxiety and shame. It is important to have the answers to frequent questions like, what do bed bug bites look like? So that early detection, proper treatment, and preventative measures can be taken to eradicate these pests.


When a bed bug bites a human being, its saliva is injected into the skin, which produces an irritated and sometimes inflamed reaction. Although each individual may respond a bit differently to bed bug bites there are several ways to characterize and determine if the bites are indeed from bed bugs.

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like?

• Bites are red, flat and itchy.
• Bites are localized and are commonly in a linear group of three.
• Bites that swell around the lesion areas are common.
• People sensitive to insect saliva may develop a lump containing fluid and/or blood.
• Bites are usually on exposed areas of skin.

It is when these are first detected that we hear people ask “what do bed bug bites look like?” and having the answer top-of-mind can help a family take the necessary steps to treat and kill the infesting bed bugs.

As recommended by Bedbugs Control Sydney proper inspection of clothing and beds can also help in identifying the source of the bites. Adult bed bugs are visible to the naked eye, so if bed bugs are suspected it is best to try to find the culprits to confirm the infestation.

How to Treat Bed Bug Bites

Most of the time bites will clear up on their own. Some families will use an anti-itch or anti-inflammatory topical preparation for comfort but these do not speed up the recovery process. Sometimes, overly scratched areas of the skin can become infected and may need to be treated with oral antibiotics. However, killing the bed bugs and making sure all are removed from the home is an essential part of treatment.


Washing all clothes, linens, and blankets in hot water will kill the bed bugs living within them. Inspecting mattresses couches and carpets for bed bugs and thorough vacuuming daily is recommended. If bed bugs persist after removing all clutter and vacuuming daily, replacing furniture may need to take place. Before making this decision it is best to consult an expert to discuss other options available such as the use of insecticides.

Even the cleanest house or hotel can become invested. Use caution when buying used furniture or clothes. Always inspect items before use, especially if picking them up off the curb. When traveling protects your luggage and when returning inspect all items and wash all clothes immediately. The best way to control bed bugs and not have to worry about hearing the words “what do bed bugs look like?” in your home is to prevent them from entering your home.
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