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How to Use Vinegar & Lime to Remove Spiders

As a kid, you loved the comic hero “Spiderman” and his adventures. But when you started to grow old and became a homemaker you realized that preventing spiders from entering your home was a big challenge, as you lived in a huge farmhouse. But this article will help you a lot when explaining to you how you can become an efficient Spider Killer when you use natural ingredients like vinegar and lemon in your home to eradicate these pests.


Using Vinegar to Kill Spiders

1. Most spider pesticides have harmful chemicals that might affect the health of your family members and pets and cause unnecessary hassle. Here vinegar can be used as a natural repellent to remove and prevent spider infestations from your home.

2. Vinegar is also less costly and you can use it effectively to keep your spider population in and around your home at bay.

3. For your indoors spider problems, vinegar can be sprayed in the corners where you find spiders and spiders hate the smell and will not enter your home. The vinegar spray can be used at least once a week for the best results.

4. This is how you make the vinegar repellent for your spiders at home. Mix one portion of pure vanilla extract and three portions of strong distilled vinegar into a fine solution. Spray this mixture on windowsills, cabinets and small cracks on the windows. The spiders will not enter your home as the spell of vinegar is present.'


Using Lemon to Kill Spiders

Another natural ingredient that would help you to turn into an effective spider killer is lemon.

1. If you have wooden furniture’s in your home you would need wooden polish. You can use a polish which is lemon-scented and this can be applied to your home furniture, doors, and windows. Spiders hate the strong citrus smell and therefore will not enter your home.

2. You can use your lemon-scented dish wash to a few cups of warm water. Then to do this you can add pure lemon oil and pour it into a bottle that has sprayed. You can use this spray in areas where you notice spiders like the bookshelf, old attic room and cracks in walls. You would be surprised that spiders would suddenly disappear from your home in no time.

3. When cleaning the floor you can add a few drops of pure lemon oil. This would make your home smell fresh and keep the unwanted spiders outside your home.

4. As recommended by professional Pest Exterminator Brisbane for spiders that roam in your yard, you can take a few used lemon rinds and place them in a few strategic locations in your garden. The spiders would runoff from your garden as they hate the citrus smell. You can also place a few rinds in boxes where you store books and knick-knacks of your home.
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