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DIG (Dealership Infrastructure Guidelines)


The STAR organization is comprised of many Work teams (WG) that address specific points of interest to the automotive retail IT trade. Most of the WGs are hired with developing or maintaining the prevailing information formats (DTS) or the newer XML Business Object Documents (BOD), however, the business organization Infrastructure WG is hired with finding common infrastructure and ability among dealerships to supply a handbook and preparation reference book for IT infrastructure at the business organization.

What The DIG Covers: The astounding, and continued, growth within the demand to deliver information and solutions to Dealerships has caused automotive makers, herein named as Original instrumentality makers (OEMs), to judge each this approach and plans to fulfill that require within the future. This document can determine the general direction chosen. it'll conjointly justify the alternatives that are offered to the Dealer to standardize their business organization networks. additionally, it provides pointers and suggestions to assist Dealers to decide that communication resolution most closely fits the wants for his or her business surroundings.

Who The Document is meant For: This document is for network directors, project leaders, engineers or contractors WHO are answerable for coming up with networks and connecting shoppers to OEMs. For the advantage of non-technical readers, the necessary parts are conferred in each summary and in careful kind.

New Version of the DIG (2019): In March 2019 the DIG unit revealed a brand new version of the DIG. These restructure of the DIG currently include the Dealer Security pointers.

New DIG fast Reference Document (2019): The DIG unit has developed a fast Reference document. This document provides fast access to the dealer's infrastructure key areas. If additional info is required on a selected topic, links are provided to the complete DIG document.

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