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sonicwall support

SonicWall technical support engineers undertake systems administration on the latest operating systems. They assist the organization by detecting and fixing problems affecting client networks and servers. They also proactively communicate with the clients on behalf of their organizations for preventing cybercrime.

Engineers must possess demonstrable experience in configuring SonicWall hardware and software.

Engineers maintain reporting systems, such as security, server, network, and workstation level, by recording all of the instances. They provide exhaustive reports to management and technical specialists regarding system health. It is the job of engineers to take care of, upgrade, and execute new server and network technology for maintaining a high level of system productivity and systems accessibility. They research and assess evolving technological solutions to existing systems defects so that they can employ these solutions to develop future systems.

Engineers conceive, maintain, and fix image builds for servers. They install, configure, and enhance security scanning processes on the internal as well as the external network. Engineers also manage firewalls and other network components. They double up as systems administrators to information technology-related systems and manage the systems related to their security.

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