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Termite Treatment Cost Guide

Although it is usually an infrequent occurrence for most homeowners, termite treatment cost may be a necessary but considerable expense. As many people have some idea as to how destructive these insects can be, however, discovering a home infestation may lead to selecting a solution without any real forethought.

This may mean spending more money than necessary or even selecting products that are ineffective or even hazardous in terms of your health. While cost may understandably be a concern, there are other factors that should be considered so that your final choice is as safe and effective as possible.

Why Infestations Can Be So Severe

There is no doubt that termites are incredibly destructive creatures, but oftentimes they are simply mistaken for insects that are far less threatening or dangerous. While ants are usually unwelcome in any home, thinking that your insect problem is more of a nuisance as opposed to an issue that could damage the very foundation of your home may lead to a slower or less than effective response. If given the opportunity, termite colonies are likely to grow as long as the environment is favorable, which is why termite removal can be a very involved and costly process.

What Attracts Termites

Understanding what termites are attracted to is a big part of termite control, and eliminating these attractions from your home may be an ideal first step. While winged termites may be easier to spot wingless termites may be equally problematic, which is why identifying the problem as soon as possible is so important. What winged or wingless varieties seem to love most is:

Moist wood


If you have areas of dampness particularly where light may enter, this is one of the first places you should look to see if you have a termite infestation. Termites also like to build slender mud tube shelters, and finding these tubes may mean termites are present or at least nearby. If you find winged termites indoors or holes in your wood, plaster walls, or drywall, this indicates that your home is infested as well.

Termite Treatment Options

While you may be able to correctly identify a termite infestation in your home, eliminating the problem should not be taken lightly. Effective treatment is usually the result of using specific knowledge and specialized equipment, and this will likely mean having the treatment completed by a professional Termite Control Melbourne company that specializes in pest removal. Popular removal options include:

Bait Traps


With bait traps, the termites feed on poison and then return to their colonies with poison as well. Various chemical sprays may be applied around your home, with special attention being paid to any areas that are known to be infested.

While the chemicals that are used have likely been tested regarding safety, you may prefer to use traps exclusively as a way to safeguard your household against inhaling any fumes or otherwise coming into contact with termite control chemicals.

What to Expect After Termite Treatment

While prices for controlling termites may seem expensive in certain scenarios, it is important to note that a properly done professional chemical treatment will typically last for five years. As termites need only the smallest of untreated areas to reappear and establish a new colony, however, doing what you can to keep termites under control would be strongly advised. This would involve paying close attention to any moisture problems that may exist in or around your home, such as leaky pipes, faucets, or appliances. Making sure that your gutters are clean, removing any standing water on your foundation or roof, and keeping scrap wood or paper away from your home will discourage termites as well.

Termite Treatment Prices

While you may easily contact your local business bureau or check with past clients as to the reputation and effectiveness of professional Melbourne Termite Control companies, the pricing aspect of pest control may leave you somewhat perplexed. If you know what measurements termite companies use to determine to price, however, you can easily come up with an approximate cost for your home. Termite companies’ measure around the foundations of houses using linear feet and this number is multiplied by a particular price point to come up with a total dollar amount for individual treatments. Depending upon where you live, the price per linear foot may be anywhere from five to eight dollars.

In addition to the linear foot calculations, the cost of labor and any bait traps or chemicals that are used must be factored in as well. The size of the company, as well as the type of guaranty that you choose, will also affect your estimate and final price. An annual renewal, for example, may cost anywhere from one hundred to two hundred dollars. Considering these factors may take the mystery out of termite treatment cost and give you an understanding of just how valuable an effective treatment can be.

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