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Top Four Rug Damaging Factors

Rugs are an addition to the look of the floor. The rugs are small in size, different in shape and designs with multiple colour variation. The interest with which we buy the rug has to be maintained forever by taking care of their cleanliness. The rug gets an accumulation of dirt and stain particles from various sources. Out of them, some are damaging factors for the rug. The dirty and stained condition of the rug is the main reason behind their damage. The best way to make these damaging factors ineffective is to keep your rug neat and clean. We explain below the top four rug damaging factors which are common at all the place.

The Top Four Rug Damaging Factors are As Follows:

  • Shoes or Slippers:

    The footwears are the carrier of dirt, soil, oil, grease and several microbes which remain unnoticeable. These particles and organisms are harmful to you as well as your rug. The scratches from shoes and slippers sole enhance the damage rate. When they get on your rug and remain on the rug for a long time, they become strengths for other damaging factors. No matter the rug is looking dirty or not, you need to clean it on a fixed interval. You can make a rule inside your house to keep the footwear outside. Take them out on the gate, if you want to put them in.

  • Spills and Stains:

    Spills on the rug causes stains which further becomes the reason for their damages, if not treated on time. The intensity of the damages depends upon the source of spills. The spills of food, drinks and make-up items are easy to be removed as well as causes slow damage while oil, grease and blood stains are hard to remove and causes fast damage. The use of these materials can not be avoided in our daily life. You have only option to be careful while using them to minimise the cases. Take instant action, if your rug gets any stain.

  • Sunlight:

    Sunlight helps in keeping rug dry and mould free but the direct fall of intense ultraviolet rays present in it is harmful to the rug. This highly intensified rays can discolour your rug as well as weaken its threads and fabrics. Keep them in medium intensity sunlight for drying as well as place them in use where no sun rays reach directly. This work as a catalyst for damaging the dirty and stained carpet.

  • Pets (Cats and Dogs):

    Cats and dogs are common pets which keep on playing on the rugs and other floor areas. They are in the habit of scratching with their sharp nails which can heavily affect your rug. Besides this, they will not inform you about their pooping and urination time that means sometimes rug will have to suffer. These wastes are an add-on to the damaging factors of rug. Clean your rugs timely and keep an eye on the pet's movement, if you want to keep your rug safe and long-lasting.


Hiring The Professionals for Rug Cleaning

The professional services are always preferred for rug cleaning even though rugs are small in size and easy to be handled. Get the best professionals from Squeaky Clean Rugs as we are the experienced and leading service provider in Melbourne. We have the best professionals who are highly skilled and experienced in all running all the equipment used in different methods and techniques for Rug Cleaning in Melbourne. The professionals work as a team and give their best to attain high standard results.

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