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5 Most Popular Types of Kitchen Layouts

Your kitchen layout is the most important part when planning a perfect kitchen. How to use the workspaces in your kitchen is an essential aspect to consider. Before you decide, make some time for research – find out what type of kitchen layout design would suit your space better!

Moreover, when it comes to kitchen layout designs, here’s the brief description of five most popular types of kitchen layout that can inspire you to get a beautiful kitchen space in your home.

1. Straight- Line Kitchen Layout

Are you having a limited kitchen area in your home? Incorporating a single row of cabinetry with benchtop space on both the sides can help you utilise your kitchen space in the best way.

A straight- line kitchen layout is an ideal option for homes with less space. Unlike the other kitchen designs, this type of layout does not utilise a work triangle in the middle of the space, which helps to use the entire kitchen area. In a nutshell, a straight-line kitchen layout is compact, versatile and efficient that works best for small kitchen spaces.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

L-shaped kitchen layouts make good use of the corners and provide optimum counter space. They’re a clever option for medium to small sized kitchens and depending on how much extra space you’re left with; you can incorporate a dining area as well.

L-shaped kitchens are more popular layout amongst the families those who enjoy chit-chatting with cooking. This kitchen layout is beautiful, small and versatile in providing maximum storage to the homeowners.

3. Galley Kitchen Layout

If you’re looking for a stylish yet a space-saving kitchen layout, galley kitchens are ideal for smaller space and one-cook kitchens. It offers excellent storage capacity for a limited area. This type of layout has two facing rows of cabinetry with a corridor in the middle and is open at one or both the ends. It is one of the most efficient layouts for compact homes. But while it optimally utilises the available area, there’s no space left for dinning, which means keen cooks can feel a little disconnected from their loved ones while cooking.

4. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

For a spacious home, U-shaped kitchen design is best suitable where more than one cook can work simultaneously in the space. It is an ideal layout option for family homes. U-shaped layout offers a massive expanse of counter and storage space with great flexibility.

It is surrounded on the three sides of the available kitchen space, creating a kitchen that is perfect for keen cooks. No doubt, this layout provides great storage option but again there’s no room for a dining area.

5. Open Plan Kitchen Layout

Unlike the other kitchen layouts, open plan kitchen design is known for more sociable space. It is one of the compact designs that can be used for homes with less space. The kitchen design is patterned in such a way that it joins the lounge area in your home. But with so many benefits, it also comes with some cons. This layout is noisy and the heat from the kitchen can spread and affect the other parts of your premises.

The Bottom Line

No wonder, there are so many types of kitchen layouts available. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. But when choosing your kitchen layout, think about how you can utilise your kitchen space and accordingly select the best kitchen layout!

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