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Systemic Enzymes: Catalysts for Health


We have made many advances in modern medicine. Many of the diseases that have plagued humanity for ages have been effectively eradicated. But there are still many conditions that doctors today can’t seem to quite figure out. And anyone suffering from joint pain or rheumatoid arthritis can tell you all about it.


You can take pain killers all day long but our livers have a limit. Painkillers only serve to mask a symptom. And over the counter pain medication is only so effective. As of now there is no cure for rheumatoid arthritis or joint pain in general. Current treatments include harsh drugs like steroids, immunosuppressive drugs and narcotics. So it’s little wonder that many people venture into the world of alternative medicine, desperate for a reprieve from their suffering.


What are Systemic Enzymes?


When most people think of alternative medicine they think of essential oils or herbs. But there’s another big trend in alternative medicine and that’s systemic enzymes.


First you need to know what an enzyme is and why they are helpful. Our bodies produce enzymes which act as catalysts to bring about biochemical reactions. For example, enzymes help to break down long chains of amino acids (proteins) into forms more readily absorbable by the body during digestion.


But enzymes do much more than just aid digestion. In general, enzymes significantly speed up the rate of virtually all biochemical reactions that take place within the body. They are critical for life functions and serve a wide range of important purposes inside of us.


The most common enzyme supplements on the market are digestive aids. Our bodies expend a significant amount of energy on digestion. This is in part why our metabolism goes up when we eat. The idea is that if you supplement with digestive aids, that takes the burden off of your body and its natural stores of enzymes. This frees it up to expend energy on other issues that need attention like any health issues you may be experiencing. If we are lucky some of these enzymes get to other parts of our bodies through the bloodstream and help to break down unwanted proteins in our system.


The Power of Systemic Enzymes


This is where systemic enzymes come in. Systemic enzymes aid in digestion but they support other bodily functions as well. In theory, they help every tissue and organ by helping to process unwanted proteins out of our system faster. For example serrapeptase, a very popular enzyme supplement, is said to help break down old scar tissues in the body. Of particular interest to people with joint pain, cleaning out the old scar tissue from the joints helps regain mobility and decreases pain. This is what makes systemic enzymes a popular go-to for people with arthritis

Another popular and widely studied systemic enzyme is bromelain. It is said to degrade fibrin associated with blood clot formation.


Because systemic enzymes stimulate the immune system they may help to relieve many common health issues that people experience such as headaches, inflammation, heartburn, IBS, sinus congestion and many more issues: Systemic enzymes may also improve circulation, thereby decreasing the possibility for blood clotting.


Heal-N-Soothe is a popular joint supplement which uses a blend of 12 different systemic enzymes including Turmeric, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger, and more. You can purchase systemic enzymes in blends like these or separately on the internet or at shops near you. Or you can simply consume foods that contain high levels of enzymes.


There are a lot of people who are skeptical of anything labeled as alternative medicine. And of course you should be. Anyone who cares about their health should question anything they are putting into their body. While there is much debate on the efficacy of enzymes in mainstream medicine there is a consensus that enzymes are safe and there is no known consumption level that has ever been found to be toxic in a lab. That makes systemic enzymes safer to consume than advil or tylenol. So you may find if you are dealing with any of the above mentioned health issues, systemic enzymes may be worth the try.


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