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Methods to Clean Different Type of Paint Stains

DIY projects have been gaining massive popularity from quite some time. It is common for a person to spill any kind of project supply on floor. You know what could make a person feel frenzy is spilling paint box on carpets. This is because even a small spot caused by paint can destroy the look and fabric of your carpet. However, the paint would get stuck in the deep fibers of your carpet easily. Well, you need not worry about the stain because the experts of carpet cleaning Berwick could help you in removing stains. Let us see some of the spot treatments for dealing with different kind of spill scenarios.


How to Deal With Different Kind of Paint Stains?

Fresh Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard was used in the past and they were only found in schools and colleges. However, they also had made a comeback and they have been trending in rustic décor. The chalkboard paint might help you to turn any surface into a chalkboard. In case, if you have accidentally spilled black paint on your carpet then it is best for you to clean it before drying. Additionally, you should grab vinegar for blotting the stain, and use a clean cloth for blotting.

Dried Paint

There might be cases when you have not noticed the paint stain present on your carpet. However, dealing with dried stain is easy for a person with the help of following carpet stain removal product:

• Pair of gloves
• Razor blade or knife
• Hand dishwashing soap
• Hard bristle brush
• Clean white cloths or paper towels
• WD-40

Instructions to Remove Dried Paint

• You need to start by scraping out the possible amount of dry paint from carpet. You could use a blunt knife or butter knife for scraping paint.
• You should test the cleaning product over the unseen area of carpet to make sure that carpet fibers are not being damaged.
• If the product is safe, then apply it gently over the stained area and allow it to sit for 20 minutes.
• Then, you need to gently scrub the stain in one direction for lifting paint from carpet.
• After cleaning product, use dish soap along with plain water for rinsing the carpet.
• Then, you need to place a dry towel over the area for soaking excess amount of water.

Latex Paint

It is quite easy for a person to remove the stain caused by dried latex paint. This might sound odd but you should start by wetting the latex paint with hot water to soften stains. You need to take a new cloth damped in hot water and allow it to rest over the stain for approximately 20 minutes. Once it has left for a while, then you should take a new cloth damped in fresh hot water and keep on blotting the stain. The experts of Carpet Cleaning Services recommended to be sure that water is hot but it should not be too hot because it could damage the fibers.

Water-Based Paint

In case the paint is dried already you should start with scraping possible amount of paint. Once you are done with removing possible amount of paint from your carpet, then you should use dish soap along with hot water to remove stain.


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