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Is Carpet Cleaning Safe for Pets?


The most important things that each of the pet owners do is ensure that their dog or cat is safe all the time in their home. You will definitely not want anything in your home that would cause harm to your furry friends. Your pets spend most of their time on the carpets.

There are carpet cleaning machines that make use of a lot of soap and chemicals. They saturate the carpet with these chemicals and excessive water. Most of the danger is caused during the process as well as after the completion of the process of carpet cleaning. There are two types of carpet cleaning, the dry chemical method and steam cleaning.

You will have to research the local carpet cleaners before you are hiring a professional one so that it is easier for you to understand their processes and gain knowledge about the various solutions or chemicals that are used by them for carpet repairing services. Ask from them a Material Safety Data Sheet or MSDS. This is the chemical safety sheet that contains list of all chemicals used by the carpet cleaning company. Through this, you will have an idea about the different types of chemical and its safety meter. This sheet will also tell you about the dangers of the chemicals listed and the persons to be contacted for further information.


You can identify the chemicals used in the products and move for further researching on the internet in order to identify the level of hazardousness of the chemical. Most of the pet owners are afraid and worried about chemical carpet cleaners. They are worried if the chemicals can be completely vacuumed out of the carpet and about the safety levels of the chemicals.

The steam cleaning extraction makes use of a solution, chemicals and hot water. There is no steam used in the process of cleaning, rather just very hot water is used. Approximately, 90 percent of the water used is sucked back out of the carpet, while the remaining 10 percent is allowed to dry. This 10 percent of moisture must be evaporated.

During the process of evaporation, if the chemicals are also evaporating you should be aware of the VOC’s or volatile organic compounds that are being used in cleaning chemicals. Exposure of these chemicals to your pets occur mostly during the process of carpet deep cleaning as well as during the process of drying the cleaned carpet. The VOC that are released into the air can potentially be dangerous to your family and pets as well.


The ASPCA Poison Control Centre have claimed that most of the carpet cleaning products are safe for animals as long as the instructions with the products are followed. It also gives a special warning for the pet owners who have birds at their home. Get your bird to the fresh air and away from any chemicals during and after the process of Carpet Cleaning in Hobart. This is because birds have a very delicate respiratory system and exposure to any harmful VOC’s would kill your bird.

Professional carpet steam cleaning companies do not use many chemicals for carpet deep cleaning. Instead, they use acid for extraction of dirt and water from the carpet. Make sure to ask about the acid rinse prior to hiring a carpet steam cleaning.


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