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Liver Cancer Treatment in India at Best Cancer Hospitals

Liver cancer is a developing reason for casualties in India and the world. Like all cancers, liver cancer can likewise be ascribed to the uncharacteristic ascent in cell generation. When a more significant number of cells are produced than required, tumors, which can be either benign or malignant, are formed. The benign tumors are generally innocuous, as they can be dispensed with from the system. Then again, malignant tumors are challenging to manage and grow into cancer. These tumors increase at a fast pace and spread to inaccessible body parts using blood and lymph hubs. Not all diseases that affect the liver are viewed as liver cancer. Cancer that starts in another area of the body —, for example, the colon, lung or breast — and after that spreads to the liver is called metastatic cancer instead of liver cancer.


Now and then, liver cancer is called a silent disease because that is the beginning time it regularly doesn't cause symptoms. In any case, as it develops, the symptoms include:

  1. Pain in the upper abdomen on the correct side, the pain may stretch out to the shoulder and back. 

  2. Weight loss easily

  3. Swollen abdomen (swelling)

  4. Weakness or feeling tired

  5. Loss of appetite and feelings of fullness

  6. Fever

  7. An inflated liver felt as a bulk under the ribs on the right side

How is Liver Cancer analyzed?

Individuals experiencing cirrhosis and hepatitis are prescribed to go for standard Ultrasound of the mid-region, Alpha Fetoprotien test (blood test) and Liver capacity test. Different tests include:

  1. Scans, for example, ultrasound filter, computerized tomography (CT) scan or attractive resonance imaging (MRI) scan. These scans help to get some answers concerning the area and spread of the disease

  2. Liver biopsy: This is usually done to affirm the kind of cancer. A little example of the tissue is expelled from the abnormal zone and evaluated under the microscope

Liver Cancer Treatment Options

Best Liver Cancer treatment is accessible at the best hospital in India for Hepatocellular Carcinoma, which may incorporate surgery, liver transplants, removal systems, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment and focused on drug therapy. A mix of at least two procedures is a typical practice.

Cost of Liver Cancer Treatment

The count of individuals getting diagnosed to have liver cancer is expanding each year. India offers the best liver cancer treatment in India and is the best goal to increase affordable cancer treatment. Liver cancer treatment in the list of top liver cancer hospital India costs around INR 3, 75,000 (5385.38$) to INR 6, 25,000 ($8975.63), which is nearly lower than other countries.

Top Liver Cancer Surgeon in India

After the cell damage happens, it starts developing cells quickly, because of which tumors are shaped in certain parts of the body, and this prompts cancer. Indian hospitals deal with the newest developments in liver cancer surgery. The oncologists cooperate with clinicians from an assortment of specialties to build up a customized, aggressive treatment plan tailored to one's needs, including treatments that help you save your personal satisfaction. Here is the list of the top liver cancer surgeon in India with their experiences:

  1. Dr. Vivek Vij

  2. Dr. Subhash Gupta

  3. Dr. Ankur Garg

  4. Dr. Sanjay Singh Negi

Services Provide by Forerunner Healthcare

Forerunners Healthcare Consultants is a medical value provider in India, having a relationship with a few conspicuous surgeons and experts. We help overseas patients get to the facilities of the best medical fraternity. Forerunners Healthcare Consultants and our board of specialists in India will never compromise with the efforts in surgery to be performed. We at Forerunners Healthcare Consultants do a detailed study of your needs and send references to respective medical experts in like manner. Be assured as the best in field specialists will give you another life at the affordable cost of liver cancer treatment in India.


Our experienced medical counselors are happy to answer your questions, assist in scheduling your free and instant appointment and help you on your journey to achieve your health goals.

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