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How to Clean Food Colour Stains from Carpeting

Food colour can be sticky for fibres and when it comes to carpet's fibres, there is so difficult to remove food colours from the carpets. Many food companies are producing food colours which are safe for eating with having sticky colour quality.

Some food colours are non-sticky and removable but some are hard to remove and require unique methods. Professional carpet cleaners who are experts, highly recommend professional cleaning which is sufficient to remove stubborn stains. If you are trying to remove stains, no need to worry and read our guidelines. Fortunately, we have some food colour removal strategies by which you can remove these types of stains easily at your home.


Follow Some Helpful Tips for Making your Carpet Stain-Free

  • Step 1: Make a Homemade Cleaning Solution:

    You can use vinegar for removing the stains. It is best home-remedy and will act as carpet food colour stain removal as it has beneficial elements for the stains. Mix vinegar into water and fill both into a spray bottle to make a cleaning solution.

  • Step 2: Apply the Mixture:

    Apply your cleaning solution onto the affected area. Directly spray your cleaning solution on the food colour strained area and let it to work upon the stained area. To make an effective result, you can hire Carpet Stain Removal Services which will make your carpet looking good.

  • Step 3: Blot The Area:

    Blot the area with a clean cloth and saturate the stain. Repeat this method until the stain has disappeared. Once you remove the liquid, you can easily remove the stain from your carpeting. For better results, turn the cloth repeatedly and absorbs food colour.

  • Step 4: Clean The Area With Carpet Shampoo:

    Clean the affected area by using carpet shampoo. This will remove the stain and give you a cleaned carpet. Mix carpet shampoo into clean water and blend it perfectly. Take a sponge and damp into the solution. Then, use it for cleaning the stained area. For professional cleaning, you can also hire our experts for professional carpet stain removal services.

  • Step 5: Blot The Area Again With Clean Cloth:

    Simply make your carpet cleaned by using a clean cloth. Then, blot the area and absorb the excess liquid from the carpeting.

  • Step 6: Allow The Area to Air Dry Completely:

    Now, you have to dry the carpeting completely. You can use carpet dry cleaner as it is easily available in the market.


Super Cleaning With Professional Carpet Cleaners

We are professionals who are working at Back 2 New Cleaning. We provide professional carpet cleaning services with effective products and reliable tools. Our cleaning services are effective and will give you the desired result. Our carpet cleaners are proficient, experienced and well-qualified to provide cleaning services to our customers. Carpet Cleaning Berwick always try to give effective cleaning that will make your carpet enhanced. By leasing our Professional Carpet Cleaners Brisbane, you can also get affordable carpet stain removal services.

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