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LED Sports Lighting News That Could Change How Sports Are Played

LED spotlights Australia fans always have their ears out for the latest innovations in sports lighting. Well, a recent article from German news brought to our attention the latest innovation with sports lighting. A German school has installed a gym floor with changeable boundary lines that have been lit using LED lights.


This innovation could totally transform the world of sports. This would mean that a basketball court can be turned into a gymnasium, tennis court or volleyball court without any worry of messy overlapping lines. LED lights on the floor could also flash to a songs beat on the dance floor and show the scores of a tennis game right through the floor!


Perhaps the most significant amongst the possibilities of a basketball court that can change to a tennis court with the flick of a switch is the environmental benefits. LED lights don’t contain mercury or any other toxins like in the case of fluorescent lighting and are therefore environmentally friendly in terms of disposing of.  They also don’t have fragile parts like igniters or filaments that cause many breakages n bulbs, and because of this they last longer. LED spotlights Australia can last up to four years or longer if taken care of well enough.


We recommend LED lights as opposed to traditional lights for sports arenas because they have a sturdy built that makes them resistant to shocks and vibrations. If the lights will be installed on the gym floor than we are confident that players could spike a volleyball or bounce a basketball without being afraid that the lights will break.


In fact, the company that designed the floor in the German school gym floor performed “bounce tests” to ensure that there was no difference in the way the ball bounces in the LED floor compared to a normal floor. Although the floor is a glass surface, the tests proved that there was no much difference in the experience that would be attained from playing on it instead of playing on a traditional floor. There are already illumination suggestions that the floor should be combined with sensor technologies. The Led lights during a basketball game could display exactly where a player stepped out of bound and where the ball landed.


Many of us already know how LED spotlights Australia are important in games arenas such as tennis court. But to think of LED lights under the court is totally game-changing. Is it only us or have you also started visualizing some insane glow in the dark basketball games? This will definitely also lead to the invention of some new sports that we don’t know even exists as at now. One can only be anxious to see what awaits the world of led lighting melbourne.
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