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Which Smart Phone Brand Is Better: Samsung or iPhone?

Business competition is quite normal on smart phone market. There a question for most customers about which brand is better, iPhone or Samsung? Samsung and iPhone have taken up most of the area of smart phone since the smartphone arena is equally dominated by these two giant companies. Seem from the observation, Apple and Samsung companies are stiffly competing as to which between themselves has more to offer to the public most especially when it comes to mobile devices such as tablets, netbooks, and most especially smartphones. The first impression and the decision which brand to purchase is mostly depends on the first experience of usage from the customers. People consist on knowing the advantages and disadvantages of these cellphone brands, if so, it might be better read this article before choose between this two brands.

There are so many good smart phone brands on the market, these include LG, Sony, HTC, iPhone Plus, Nexus, and many other from high-class smartphone making companies. Although competition among smart phone brands is intensive, iPhone still on the top three of best sell board since 2007. Interestingly, Samsung is the only brand that is nearly at par to iPhone’s innovative features and packaging. While iPhones are generally revered as excellent, Samsung is also considered a perfect iPhone alternative. This may be quite unfair to Samsung, but for an objective assessment, it will be best if you know each brand’s strong points and their setbacks.

Price Range, Availability, and Variety: Samsung or iPhone?

From the three aspects list above, which brand do you think is better? Well, thinking of the variety, availability and price range, Samsung is definitely a winner. As a matter of fact, you cannot find any other smartphone makers that produce a wide array of varieties than Samsung does. Most of the Samsung phones such as the Galaxy fame, Galaxy Note 4, and Galaxy S5 are currently at a UK product price range of about 145 pounds inclusive of VAT. As an emerging leader in smartphone trend, Samsung phones offer massive screen displays from 3.5 inches to 5.5 inches as in the case of Galaxy Note 4, and with other specialized devices that features sophisticated options like the Galaxy K Zoom which functions more of a phone camera as contrasted to being a camera phone.

Samsung devices also take pride in the latest Android OS installations with excellent touchscreen capability. Notwithstanding that the brands also feature a stylus that offers complex input ability. Though most of the Samsung phones are made of plastic, there are also some handsets that deviates the regular brand’s composition such as the metallic Galaxy Alpha. If you’re asking about variety, Samsung wins the battle considering the brand offers several color and specs compared to Apple phones.

However, variety at some point is something not quite good for a company as it could mean inconsistency. In fairness with Apple, the company limits and lock down its product range because it gears to off its products only to the high-end consumers and not basically for the masses. This goes to show that iPhones are a lot prestigious considering that they’re not readily available to the greater public. Though Apple phones cannot beat Samsung price range, iPhones are lesser in number which gives you a rewarding experience considering that there is value in rarity.

Looking at iPhone products, there are quite a few models released in the market. These include touchscreen iOS smartphone models such as iPhone 6, iPhone 5s, and iPhone 5c. Unlike Samsung phone models, iPhones are a bit pricey ranging from £319 to £789. They also are mostly equipped with widescreen displays like Samsung phones have. Phone storage options between the two brands also come in a variety from 8GB to 128GB storage capacity. Though both have similar storage capacity options, iPhones are still broader than it had been before.

As to availability, Apple phones are pretty much available on the high streets with further option to buy directly at a company-owned store. But to be fair with Samsung, its versions are also more widely available in UK vendors considering the price difference yet not far from features and specs. While Apple strives to maintain the high-end margin, Samsung on the other hand chases volume.

Build and Performance: Samsung or iPhone?

If you are to be asked, which do you think between the two leading smartphone brands offer a better build and performance? Basically, performance is often equated to price. The higher the price of the phone is, the better the performance will be, considering it will have much more features and innovative options than the cheaper versions. There will be others who will say it is iPhone while some would also remark that Samsung has better performance. Whichever the case is, pay the right amount, and you’ll reap the right rewards for you. After all, you’ll basically get what you pay for.

Android VS iOS: Samsung or iPhone?

The answer to which is a better operating system whether Android or iOS is not quite that simple. If you’re someone who prefer a stable OS for long term use and which is safe from outside attacks such as viruses, iOS beats Android. But if you’re looking for an operating system that has lots of options for customizations, Android is definitely the winner. IOS is more locked down to time-tested experience while Android is more innovative and adventurous giving you several options to explore your phone’s maximum potentials.

In conclusion, there is really no exact standard on judging which of these two smartphone brands is better. Samsung offers smartphone devices which are packed with features at a considerably low price, unlike iPhones. However, Apple phones though are priced high, possess unparalleled technical quality. Since rapid generation update of iPhone, refurbished iPhone 6 plus on sale in the market is rising. Choosing a renewed smart phone of iPhone is also a good choice for most customers who can’t afford a new one. So when choosing between the two brands, might as well choose accordingly based on the following criteria of price, build, performance, and variety.
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