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How to Kill Fleas and their Infestation in Your House

Fleas are a difficult opponent to conquer so ridding your home of them is a tricky task. How to kill fleas in your house begins here.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you are fighting this war on three fronts, your home, your yard, and your pets. According to Sydney pest control professionals, you’ll need to destroy the fleas in all three of these spots simultaneously. If you disregard even one, the fleas have a safe zone to fall back to, where they will regroup and attack your house all over again.

Learn How To Kill Fleas In Your House

A single female flea can lay 20,000 eggs in one sitting. It can seem like you’ve gotten rid of them when really they’re just preparing their subsequent attack. To rid your home of them entirely, you can’t let them go once they’re on the run you have to track them down and finish the job.

The Three Battlefields:

Again, your pets, yard, and home must all be made flea free at once.
It’s all or nothing.

Your pets: There are many strategies to get fleas off your pets, and you may want to focus on them first. It’s important that your pet be comfortable as soon as possible. And if you treat your pets last, then fleas on the run may jump on your pets in mass numbers and cause them a lot of pain and grief.

Shampoos, flea collars, and spot control products are all good options. Keep a close eye on your pet’s behavior and make sure the products aren’t hurting or upsetting them. Always read and follow the directions carefully before using any products on your pets.

Your Yard and Home: You’ll use alike tactics for both your yard and house. Keep in mind you have to be thorough. Whatever you use: aerosols, powders, or other products, you need to get every last corner that the fleas could retreat to. This means everything, the garage, the attic, the basement, the shed, and the entire house.

Be careful though. All this destructive fighting against the fleas could potentially harm others in the crossfire; you don’t want pets or children being exposed to poison. If the pets are confirmed to be flea-free at the moment, consider going to stay at a hotel or friend's house while the poison does its job; especially if you’re using the powerful stuff. If you're uncomfortable using poisons, there are also natural ways to fight fleas such as electric flea traps and home remedies.

Keeping Claimed Terrain:

Once your home seems to be flea-free, it’s hard to know how long it will stay that way. There could be more eggs tucked safely away wherever waiting to hatch, or a squirrel could come into your yard and deposit a new infestation. To rid your home of fleas you have to continue to watch and take precautions. You’ll want to continue to apply defensive measures in your yard during flea seasons. Be sure to check your pets regularly

But perhaps the best tactic when it comes to keeping territory you’ve claimed is to use an insect growth regulator. This is a chemical that attacks insects during their process of reaching maturity. As insects grow, they have to molt their shell so a bigger one can grow in, the IRG is a chemical that interferes with this process. Since fleas cannot reach maturity, they will not be able to reproduce. If they can’t spawn new soldiers in mass, that means all you have to do is successfully kill their current army, and it’s over.

You will have successfully exterminated your home of fleas. What you have learned from reading this article has hopefully helped you to be better prepared on how to kill fleas in your house and from your dogs and cats.
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