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Proper answers to questions proposed by casuals

Back then people were brand new to internet games in which you could actually talk to another human with classic wow gold. It was amazing. You'd literally engage into dialogue all the time. Now kids have been speaking online since like 6/7. Why would anybody want to speak to someone ? We literally have infinite other approaches to socialise now online. Barrens chat is one of the worst. Perhaps for a week or two. But once 4/5 weeks hits. You will just have a select few guilds on a server that are enormously social. Abit like retail now.

I have any hope for it but Activisions present and past business practices are tempting me not to give them a dime.We adored classic WoW Classic with its defects and mistakes and bugs and broken things because firstly we were children and we didn't care. This was the best out there.

People nowadays keep crying and moaning about WoW Classic being crap even when Blizzard is spewing out more content each month than the initial 6 decades of WoW Classic combined.I am done with activision Blizzard, they dont pay tax, they want to share your personal data to another party firms via an app on your phone, you require for Blizzardcon 2019, they dont pay attention to thiers players, they place way to a lot of MTXs to thier games, they take skills from the players in WoW Classic for every single expansion rather than giving players new skills, WoW Classic have become a braindead endless farming for AP that's so boring. So yeah iam performed with activision Blizzard.

As you stated however the entire game was figured out, this means that casuals who generally would have the issues you mentioned in this very very very lengthy comment wont have nearly as hard of a time as you speculate because of people generally caring less and also becoming more helpful due to knowledge that they have gained over these years and can articulate proper answers to questions proposed by casuals far better compared to buy wow classic gold when WoW Classic actually released.That doesn't fix the PvP problem (it's unsolvable really). Raid drop fulfill casual pug raids full with hardcore alts/softcore players along with cue loot play with and scarcity will keep casual pugs.
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