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Home Remedies to Repair a Scratch in Your Leather Couch

Leather furniture may be a great addition to your house, but it is easily scratched. Dogs, cats, pens, and even fingernails can scuff the finish of a leather couch or chair. However, there are numerous effective ways to repair scratches on leather upholstery. To fix those nasty marks carefully at home, try these remedies.

The use of olive or orange tree oil is a common way to repair scratches in your leather couch. Use your finger to add a dab of either oil to a piece of clean cotton rag. Rub the scratch with the oiled rag tip in small circular motions, applying light pressure to prevent scruff marks. Be sure not to pour any oil on the leather surface as this can create a grease stain that is not simply corrected.


Applying cake shoe polish to a scratch on leather can hide the blemish from vision. Find a cake, not liquid, shoe polish that closely matches the color of your leather upholstery. Buff the color on a soft cloth into the scratch, similar to the motion of a shoe-shine. More endeavours will need to be applied to make sure that the shoe polish is fully engrossed into the scratch.

Deeper scratches can cause raised edges that are more difficult to cover up. Rub pure lanolin cream on these types of scratches to smooth the edges back down. Several applications of lanolin oil may need to be applied to completely remove the scratch. This method will also soften and protect the leather surface from future scratches.

To remove small scratches or cracks on your furniture, apply a quality leather conditioner. It’s important to test a small unremarkable section of couch earlier to see its reaction to new products. Leather conditioner will remove any imperfections due to human error or dryness of the leather. Apply a clear nail polish to smooth out any snags that the scratch may have created.


The texture and durability of leather makes it a popular choice among furniture shoppers. However, these same qualities make scratched leather tricky to repair. To handle minor fixes on your leather couch or other furniture, consider these options if you still notice scratches in your favourite leather furniture than call back 2 New Cleaning Couch Cleaning Perth team and get the right solution for the problem.
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