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Methods to Utilize to Protect Your Expensive Carpet

Carpets and furnishings are the major investment you make for your house. Watching these beautiful and expensive items turn dull and colorless, lose their manifestation. Regular vacuuming and regular carpet cleaning will help to maintain the gracious look of your carpets. The most common ways of carpet protection are film cover and applying stain guard. Other than this you can also defend your carpet by doing proper cleaning, it means 3-4 times vacuuming of the carpet in a week.

Film Protection

Film protection means applying a slight but very strong and hard-wearing film that has an adhesive on one side. They are to be stretch on the carpet. The adhesive ensures that the film will hold the carpet thoroughly and cover it appropriately. The adhesive used in temporary carpet protectors are strong enough to stay in place for a few weeks but is simple enough to remove that it does not leave any deposit onto your floor. This kind of protection is best suited during time of construction or renovation and during parties. This prevents the carpet from the dangers of spilt drinks, food, vomit and other possible sources of stain.

Stain Protection

Applying stain protection to your carpet is one another means of protection. But it does not mean that after applying this you are not needed to clean the carpet. This solution has to be applied to the carpet or you can buy a carpet which is already treated by this solution. The solution will surround each fibre, providing an undetectable shield against dirt and soil. And as a consequence, dirt does not hold on easily and makes vacuums an easier process. It also reduces wear and tear of fibre from soil and dirt. It also reduces the soaking capacity of the carpet giving you more time to clean any messy food or fluid. This can be a great friend of yours for making cleaning process easy but is not successful cent percent.

These were two methods which can help you protect your carpet a lot. But there is no substitute of proper and regular cleaning. While normal vacuuming 3-4 times in a week can remove dry dirt and dust, it is strongly suggested to deep clean your carpets every 12 to 18 months to remove built-up dirt, stains and odour and also to make it new again. Some simple preventative measures and proper cleaning and maintenance will keep your carpet clean and new for many years to come. Our company, Back 2 New carpet cleaning Capalaba, provides service for installation of method of protection and regular cleaning. So don’t wait for your carpet to lose its charm just contact us, we will be always there for your help.

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