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Dr. Vineet Gupta Aim is to Provide Uniform Standard in Cancer Patient Management


Cancer is complex. Its treatment frequently calls for a mix of treatment plans - medical, radiation, and surgical - in conjunction with lifestyle changes. Clinical Oncology is a modality of treatment in cancer care which makes use of Chemotherapy, Immunotherapy, Hormonal therapy and targeted treat to deal with cancer in an effective way. Medical Oncology is commonly works along with surgical oncology or radiation oncology to provide the exceptional clinical consequences.


Medical oncology treatment options

In some cases, the team might also advocate medicines - which include chemotherapy - to deal with your cancer. Based on your type and stage of cancer, your medical oncologist may suggest one or a few of these options:

  • Chemotherapy makes use of drugs to kill cancer cells or keep them from spreading.

  • Immunotherapy, also called biotherapy, uses biologic agents to boost the immune system to fight cancer cells.

  • Hormone remedy uses drugs to block improper activity of certian hormones.

  • Targeted therapy uses drugs to interact with cancer cells by targeting the molecules involved in cancer growth or spread.


What to expect during your first appointment with oncologist

Cancers present in many exceptional approaches and are recognized by using doctors from many different regions of specialty. Patients frequently present with weight loss or ache, or a new lump or bump. Doctors will order exams to investigate those signs and symptoms. These tests would usually include blood tests, X-Rays especially of the chest, often a CT scan and then a biopsy. A biopsy is in which a specimen of the tumour is taken, either at surgery or with a needle, and is sent for evaluation. A physician called a pathologist will examine the specimen. The micropscopic and biochemical features of the tissue will be characteristic to the type of cancer and the diagnosis will be made.


Are hospitals in India technologically advanced for cancer treatment? 

The best hospitals for cancer treatment in India can go to an extent to deal to deal with a cancer affected person; even supposing it makes them import a new era or equipment from overseas. Even the maximum superior technology used for cancers treatment round the world is available in India at some of the top cancer hospitals.


How affordable is cancer treatment in India

The cost of cancer treatment in India is simply one-tenth the cost of treatment in the developed nations. A medical traveler generally saves lots of thousands via traveling to India even when assertion expenses such as that of flight bookings, hotel live, and local traveler are taken into into consideration.


Dr. Vineet Gupta offers compassionate cancer care focused on your well-being

Dr. Vineet Gupta is a renowned medical oncologist and Hematologist. He is the first Asian to be conferred the prestigious Lubrano prominent scholar award by using Dana Farber cancer Institute / Harvard University (USA). Top medical Oncologist in Max Hospital Bangalore has over 12 years medical experience in America. He have a commitment to your wellbeing by offering high quality care in a compassionate manner that considers you - not your cancer - as his first priority. Because of his resources, he is able to offer innovative treatment options that may not be available elsewhere. He’s exceedingly known for his work in breast cancer and hematological diseases along with Lymphomas and Leukemias, the leader hematologist at Max hospital Bangalore affords leadership to align the medical research expertise of oncology professionals at the institute, ensuring that the hospital treatment given to the most cancers sufferers is innovative, superior, multidisciplinary and complete.


How to get in touch with Dr. Vineet Gupta best medical oncologist in India

India cancer surgery service is among prominent companies in India that has tie up with top medical oncologist in Max Hospital Bangalore Dr. Vineet Gupta which makes scheduling an appointment with him is very easy. The company’s task is to offer a one-stop method to healthcare & opportunity treatments in India with the most effective and wonderful effects and the complete journey served with utmost hospitality.

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