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Upholstery Cleaning and Stain Removal Tips

Buying new upholstered furniture can ruin you. It can very expensive to remodel your home nowadays. But still cleaning can help save money and time.

In every home there are a couple of furniture pieces in good shape that need a little bit of cleaning to return their fresh looks. If you have a sofa, upholstered chairs or a favorite armchair, you do not have to buy new ones. With some clever upholstery cleaning tips you will be able to save money and retain your beloved possessions.

Many people are amazed when they see an old piece of furniture after a simple cleaning procedure. For an example a good deep carpet cleaning might transform not only your carpeting, but it might also change the ambiance of your home.

When you clean your furniture by yourself you need to be extra careful. You might start with checking the cleaning code on the label. There is no universal way to clean upholstery. Cleaning your sofa is one thing, but if you want to clean an antique chair you would better hire professional upholstery cleaners in hobart or the area.

Keeping your home fresh and clean improves your life. People feel good, comfortable and can relax after a busy day at work. But you know, furniture is under constant pressure from dirt, soil, and loose particles. Think of all the times you sit on the sofa with something to eat or drink. You inevitably have dropped bits of food. Food and liquid spillages leave their marks. Getting these stains is not that difficult. You might not have to call professional upholstery cleaners, but do the job yourself.

Start with gaining useful information on the type of upholstered fabrics you have to deal with. Usually the manufacturer has supplied you that kind of information.

Below are listed some of the most regular problems:

Ink - blue ink is probably the most common cause of staining. Everyone can tell a story about forgotten ballpoint pen that has stained their clothes or upholstery. Ink stains are extremely stubborn, so you should be extra persistent. One thing to remember is never to rub! Only blot such stains!

Use hairspray and clean cloth. Spray some on the cloth and touch lightly the stain. Blot with clean towel.

Blot the stain with clean towel and nail polish. Consider to work from the surface edges towards the center. If you cannot clean it yourself call upholstery cleaning services in hobart.

Butter - best cleaned with dry solvent cleaning powder. Again, apply on clean piece of cloth and blot the stain.

Coffee - common problem with many people, sipping coffee on the sofa and unintentionally spilling all the coffee. It is unpleasant but using a balanced detergent and white vinegar after that will help you get rid of any coffee stain.

Regular maintenance can extend the life of your upholstery. A weekly vacuuming and regular dusting can do miracles. You can enjoy the company of your favorite sofa longer.

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