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3 Kinds of Stinging Insects

There is abundance of different kinds of insects and pests. Most of them are totally not dangerous to humans. Few people go running for the hills when a ladybug is in their house, and even fewer jump on chairs when a pill bug Woodlouse walks across their path. Some of these harmless insects may be annoying but otherwise they’re generally harmless and most people ignore them.

But there are other types of insects – stinging insects – that almost everyone is at least a little bit afraid of. These stinging pests are not necessarily an immediate danger, but if they do sting it can hurt a great deal, and those with an allergy may be at risk for a severe allergic reaction. In addition, these pests are social insects, and if a nest is disturbed it’s possible to receive a harmful amount of stings as these bugs sometimes swarm in groups.

Although there are several thousand species of insects that sting, most fall into three distinct and simple categories.

Types of Stinging Pests


Unless their nest is disturbed, bees are actually not that likely to sting. They tend to sting as a way of protecting their nests, so if their nests aren’t in danger, they are unlikely to sting. Still, they are by no means risk-free. If you come too close you can be stung by accident, and if a nest is nearby it can put you in danger.


The “bees” that most people are afraid of are yellow jackets. Yellow jackets are actually a type of wasp, not a type of bee. We are expert in dealing with creepy and risky wasps and yellow jackets Wasps are more aggressive than bees and can sting more than once, which makes them much more of a danger. There are other types of wasps, like hornets, that are also a risk inside of your home.


Most people don’t think of ants when they think of stinging insects, but many different species of ants can sting. The ones that are most harmful to humans are called fire ants. Fire ants can burn quite a bit, and have a surprisingly high allergy rate. There are also a few other types of ants that can provide a serious burning sensation if they sting.

Pest Control for Stinging Insects

All bugs are irritating in their own ways, but stinging bugs are the ones that cause people the most fear and discomfort, and may put your family at risk for serious injury. It’s important to be careful around these types of insects. Call us here at Pest Exterminator Melbourne if you need any assistance removing these bugs from your home.
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