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Understanding how important pattern making is to get the best fit

When a person is in the hunt for a great piece of clothing part of that is about having something that has the right fit. It is a problem though because all of us are different and it can be hard to make clothing that suits different body types. But sometimes apparel might not have the right fit because something went wrong in the design process itself. Three issues can occur in the pattern making process, getting the wrong proportions, bad balancing and making incorrect adjustments. It is important then to find a pattern maker, Melbourne who knows what they are doing. Here is a closer look at those three areas of concern.


The proper balance of a garment is essential in the design process as it plays a vital part in how it will fit people. In fact, those with fashion experience can identify poorly balanced garments just from looking at them on a hanger. When the pattern is off, or the grainline of the fabric is not properly aligned the fabric of the garment will move more to one side. It is important to use an apparel pattern maker, Melbourne who has experience and knows to make sure the balance is right.

Pattern alterations

Proper and careful pattern alteration is an essential pattern drafting technique the best pattern maker Melbourne will have. This means paying attention to the live model fitting stage. Less skilled pattern makers might rely heavily on technology to make patterns but that then leads to the problem of them not having enough experience or skill in manual pattern correction.

There is nothing wrong with using technology to help with the design stages of a piece of fashion. Most designers do today. But sometimes those with less knowledge or skill can lean on them in areas where they are less effective. That can lead patterns not quite accurate and if that is not noticed in the model fitting then that is a garment people will not wear or will be unhappy with when they do. Patterns must be tested for how accurate they are and go through several fittings before being released.

Pattern proportions

Another aspect of a pattern that needs accuracy and careful checking is the proportions of the garment. This leads to clothes in shops that do not fit properly across the bust, are too big despite the sizing, or fits in one place but not another. If there are a lot of people unable to wear that item because of the proportions being wrong, they are not going to buy and you will have wasted time and money in its development.

An apparel pattern maker Melbourne needs to be able to meet the standard specifications in the industry. As well as check the proportions in the sample making stage, it is always important that a model is used to check the proportions are all right when on a real person.


Pattern making is an important part of designing fashion. Precise patterns need to be made and careful checks made on the proportions, balance and so on. Then careful alterations can be made to correct them.
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