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Know more about Nordic Pole Walking

Nordic Pole Walking is a technique that cross country skiers use to stay in shape during summer. It is also a favourite exercise for many people who wish to stay in shape. The best thing about it is that one does not have to be in peak physical condition either. In fact, people of any age group, gender and fitness level can do this. This type of walking is highly beneficial and is useful for someone who wants to lose weight, tone their body and improve their fitness level & health.


It is fairly easy to learn even for those who have no experience or are completely unaware of it. It is necessary to have the right equipment which is a Nordic pole also often called trekking poles in Australia. This article explains the technique of pole walking, states several facts and lists the type of equipment needed for this purpose.


Facts on Nordic Pole Walking

  • It helps in several ways, for weight loss, fitness, aerobic fitness and is beneficial to keep the heart in shape.

  • Nordic walking is the perfect exercise to stay in shape.

  • It does not have a steep learning curve and it is possible to learn yourself; however, there are usually several exercise walks arranged by professional’s trainers if one needs help with it.

  • Walking is one of the best exercises for the body. However, all of us do not have the time for that. Nordic walking is a good option since is twice as much effective and engages every muscle of the body while doing so.

  • It is often called trekking poles or hiking sticks. Trekking poles in Australia resemble ski poles and have several features that are similar.

  • They are made using aluminium and carbon fibre since they are light, stiff and strong.

Popular Techniques

Nordic walking is not stressful in fact; there are several benefits of this type of walking. It is also easy to learn since the movement is not very different from that of walking naturally.

Here are a few popular techniques to keep in mind to master it:

  • Shoulders should always be in a relaxed state and down.

  • The upper body should be slightly leant forward while walking.

  • The way this is done is first the right foot and left hand are placed forward and next, the left foot and right hand. Thus, arms and legs are moved alternatively.

  • The strides should be longer than one would normally take when walking.

  • Best way to walk is to roll the foot from heel to the ball.

  • The secret to getting it right is the ability to handle the poles well; they should be loosely gripped at all times.

  • Swing the pole forward while keeping a loose grip and always ensure it is placed diagonally and point backwards. It is necessary to place it between the front and the back foot.

  • The pole is used as a means of support to push the body forward until the pole is in line with the outstretched arm behind.

Optimal Pole Walking Equipment

Nordic pole walking does not require a lot of equipment or special clothes or shoes. It is a good idea to dress in sport's shoes and clothes though. It is also necessary to invest in the Nordic poles for this purpose. There are several types of pole walking equipment available. This includes the activator poles which are special ones designed for therapists. They offer a large degree of stability and are very strong. There are also those available for the adventurous type. These are easy to pack when going on a long journey. It is possible to find Nordic walking poles for sale online and select from a wide range of poles.

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