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How much do you know about screen broken insurance?

In function mobile phone age, we hoped that the phone can do more things. More sophisticated games, more easy to handle the work. After entering smart phone era, while most of desires to be met, however same consumers began to miss the past. Compared to the function simple but "strong" old phones, smart phone is more like the greenhouse flowers, very delicate. Slightly wrestle, may cause the screen directly scrapped. With the smart phone's border is more and more narrow, 2.5D or even 3D glass began a wide range of applications, the probability of mobile phone screen smashing has been doubled.

For consumers, mobile phone broken screen is really a painful thing. It is necessary to put the cost of time to go hand in hand with after sales, but also spend a lot of money replacing the screen. As we all know, the current flagship mobile phone replacement screen official price remained at around hundred dollars (domestic flagship basic maintenance price is one-third of brand new phone). For consumers, the price of the replacement screen is too unaffordable. But in the third party for maintenance, take advantage of the price at the same time will also lose the official warranty (in the warranty period of the product). The new replacement of screen its quality is also difficult to be ensured. For consumers, there seems to be a dilemma.

In this context, the phone screen broken insurance turned out to be born. What is the mobile phone broken screen insurance? Popular say, mobile phone broken screen insurance is for the phone screen to buy an insurance. When the phone screen damaged due to accidental, you can get compensation in the corresponding insurance platform. It can be said that mobile phone broken screen insurance brings "Slider family" a guarantee. Under normal circumstances, mobile phone broken screen insurance is jointly launched by the sales platform and insurance companies. For its authenticity, consumers do not have to be skeptical.

Speaking of mobile phone broken screen insurance, what has to be mentioned is Samsung and its Galaxy phone. You know, Samsung is the first manufacturer in the conference to launch the first broken screen insurance mobile phone. For Galaxy Series mobile phone users, as long as the payment of 30USD (S7 series mobile phone), you can get a chance of free replace phone within one year (due to accidental damage) or two free maintenance opportunities. When a service is beneficial to consumers (and there are profits), it is presumably not a company will take the initiative to give up. After Samsung launched broken screen insurance, some other mobile phone manufacturers and sales platforms followed up quickly, and had come up with their own broken screen insurance business. From the early immature development to today, mobile phone broken screen insurance is increasingly perfect.

Early in order to promote the iPhone, some sales platforms have launched a mobile phone gift to free broken screen insurance services. When the phone was caused as damaged due to accident, the user will get a free opportunity of replacing phone screen. But because these platforms are only Apple's authorized dealer rather than authorized service providers, do not have Apple's approved maintenance qualification. Once the user chose free screen service, it means that the user lost the official warranty.

This problem is what the above all Apple mobile phone broken screen insurances have to face, and still unavoidable problem. Once the user has selected a third party for mobile phone repair (the phone is still in warranty), the user will directly lose the product's official warranty. If you want to avoid this situation, the user can only choose Apple's official AppleCare +. Although the price is high, after all, in the end it is the official after- sale service, compared to third-party insurance operations it’s more convenient.

Do not think that everything is great since the purchase of broken screen insurance, thinking that once the broken screen it will be unconditional replaced. To realize the broken screen insurance after all, is only insurance, by which manufacturers need to make money. Consumers believe that Alipay's broken screen insurance is very convenient, very few people know that the effective time is thirty-first days after successful insured, and yet few people will pay attention to the compensation limited to 160 USD, the excess part is bear by consumer at their own risk. And whether the replacement of screen is or not the original screen, after replacing whether it will still enjoy the official warranty, these contents were not written in insurance terms.

In addition, the purchase of broken screen insurance is also a certain threshold. Like cottage, refurbished machines are not allowed to participate. Broken screen insurance is a humane service, compared to the international manufacturers of high after-sales maintenance price, broken screen insurance is clearly more affordable. However, the mobile phone manufacturers to throw their own broken screen insurance services, third-party sales platform maintenance services are inevitably faced with a series of problems. Helpless is that these can only rely on manufacturers to slowly solve, as consumers can only look forward to manufacturers a little more sincere, less tricks. Of course, the consumers themselves should also read the important matters of insurance. When there is doubt to seek customer service help. Only in this way can we make the right decision, and effectively protect our own interests.

The recent hot surface screen phone, such as Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge is also clear that not able to participate in insurance. When phone screen cracked, you need to buy a Galaxy S7 Screen Replacement for repairing by yourself, or ask for high cost official after-sales maintenance service.

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