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Affordable Training Debuts Savings on Industrial Courses in Multiple Skills

Melbourne, Australia – Aug. 20, 2019 – David Sherry, founder of Affordable Training, understands that employees with a wide range of skills are more desirable and productive. The company offers training and competency refreshers to assist individuals in attaining the skills needed to enhance employability, along with health and safety.

The training specialist offers 24 distinct industrial training courses in operating equipment ranging from scissor lifts and pallet jacks to forklifts and heavy equipment. The company features accredited trainers and nationally recognised training courses in equipment, health, and safety. Affordable Training has partnered with Instant Access, a leader in access hire equipment to ensure safety.

Affordable Training Melbourne encompasses comprehensive first aid courses, along with how to safely enter and work in confined spaces. The company is different in that it provides training that emulates real-life conditions that individuals may encounter. Funding for training is available in some circumstances and Affordable Training is currently offering discounts and specials on specific courses.

For individuals that need a refresher course, training courses Melbourne are offered to prepare them for Verification Of Competency assessments that meet legal requirements for plants and equipment. V.O.C. testing is efficient and encompasses multiple industry standards ranging from carpentry and truck mounts to chainsaws and bulldozers. White Card and Yellow Card courses are also offered.

It’s an affordable way for companies to ensure their employees have the skills and safety training needed to aid in the prevention of accidents. The proper training ensures employees work safely while maintaining productivity, provides savings in multiple areas for companies in a wide variety of industries, and ensures businesses have optimally trained workers.

The training providers Melbourne provides affordable and efficient training in the most highly desired areas of industry and the special pricing currently being offered by Affordable Training is expanding training and proficiency to more individuals in the profession of their choice.

Abut Affordable Training

Affordable Training was founded by David Sherry and has a partnership agreement with Tectra Australia Pty Ltd RTO 40889. Sherry is an accredited trainer with an OH&S background. He also has 26 years of real world experience across a broad range of industries that includes warehousing, commercial and civil construction, mining, gas and refinery. Affordable Training is a member of the Institute for Learning Professionals and the Elevating Work Platform Association.

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Website: www.affordabletraining.com.au
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