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The Ways a Company can go about Leaflet Distribution

Independent letterbox delivery as a form of small business advertising has been going on for many years. In fact, for as long as there has been print, people have been using leaflets or pamphlets to get across a message, bring in customers or followers, advertise a service or product. Today some businesses are so focused on digital marketing, for good reason, they think that other more traditional methods of marketing are no longer of interest. In reality, a successful business of any type or size will do best when they have a mix of the two.

Leaflets through the letterbox is a familiar thing today. Some people look through them and some do not. There are two main ways companies can have leaflets distributed, going door to door through the letterbox, or handing out in the streets. Which one you use depends on what your goal is. The letterbox delivery option means you are targeting a specific audience, the hand out method reaches a wider and larger number of people in the public. This can still be effective if the goal is to spread brand awareness and you can opt to reach a targeted audience still based on where the handing out is done. If you want students to see a product or service, for example, you might hand out leaflets around universities.

There are three main methods that fall under direct independent letterbox delivery.

  1. A solus delivery – The leaflet is delivered by itself. This is usually the more expensive option but tends to have the highest impact on the receiver so will get more results.

  2. Shared marketing – Deliver the leaflet along with several others, a form then of shared marketing so the cost is spread between several businesses. The results are not as good as with a solus delivery though.

  3. News share – The delivery is made with other leaflets and the local free newspaper. The most affordable option but also the least effective as a small business advertising

As mentioned, leaflet distribution does not just have to be done for commercial reasons to promote brands, products or services. It can also be done to spread a message, sometimes political, sometimes religions, sometimes something else. It can be an effective way of reaching out to a certain geographical area. It is also good for things like temporary promotions, where a business just needs a quick and simple method to spread the promotion while it is on.


Despite the increase of social media, digital marketing, and online promotion, there is a place for independent letterbox delivery still today. Flyers or leaflets are easy to make and deliver and will still play a role in marketing and in message sharing for a number of years to come.

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