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How To Make Extra Cash On Your Scrap Car

If you have an old, scrap car in your life that you no longer need, you should seriously consider getting rid of it instead of leaving it to rust in your driveway or backyard. When you leave it sitting unused for months, things will start to deteriorate and you’ll end up with a vehicle that won’t start. All the same, we’re sure that your junk car is in questionable condition as it is.

Thankfully, you can still make money with your scrap car – even if it’s no longer running. Here are some options that are worth exploring:

•Sell it “as is”
The most popular option, as it requires the least amount of work. Simply list the vehicle on Gumtree, Car Sales or even in the local newspaper for sale “as is”. Make it clear to potential buyers that there may be faults and try to point out any that you are aware of – you don’t want the buyer coming back to you in a few days asking for a refund.

•Take it apart for parts
If there’s something specific that took the car off the road and the rest of it is in decent condition, you might want to consider taking it apart and selling off the parts individually. Brand new, some parts can go for hundreds of dollars. Just ensure that you have a strategy in place for getting rid of the rest of the vehicle after you’re done.

•Sell it to the junk yard
You’ll find that many yards will actually came and haul your car away for you – and they’ll even pay you for your trouble. If you intend to remove some of the parts, however, ensure that you disclose this to the yard – if there aren’t any parts left that they can profit from, they’ll be unlikely to come and pick up the vehicle for you.

Sell it for scrap
You can actually make good money selling scrap metal. And a car has a decent amount of metal in it. When you sell something for scrap, the weight of the metal will dictate the price you get – if you have an older vehicle, this tends to work in your favour (as they tend to be heavier). The scrap yard probably won’t come out and pick it up for you, though.

•Sell it online
Recently, there have been a number of websites appearing that offer to buy scrap cars. You might have to do some research, but you should be able to find one that operates in your area – be sure to double check whether they provide towing or not. You’re not going to get top dollar using this option, but at least you’ll get rid of the vehicle.

Whether you’re in need of some extra cash or you’re sick of staring at that eyesore all day long, getting rid of your scrap car is the answer. No matter what sort of condition the vehicle is in, we’re sure that one of the above options will enable you to make some cash on it. The best solution, however, is to sell the car before it starts to rust and deteriorates too much.
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