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Realm Royale was previously in a closed beta on PS4

It hasn't been a year since the battle royale genre really started and the floodgates were open. Fortnite and PUBG might be the top dogs, but with so many new and sometimes unique entries in the room, a decent third choice should emerge eventually, right? Enter Realm Royale, the latest game from the Hi-Rez studio, a developer who has been known for issuing viable alternatives such as the not-too-Overwatch Paladins game and Smite's online multi-player battle (MOBA).

At the beginning of the game you choose one of five classes, each with its own passive buff, movement abilities, and a series of pickup abilities of class specific abilities. For example, Mage's movement capability allows you to fly for a short time, which is useful for extending jumps and crossing roofs. He is also the only character who can complete the Fireball - a very destructive spell if you can reach your target. That advantage does not prescribe your playing style and I find Mage to be as effective as zooming into the field with the sword when he exerts his abilities from afar. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Realm Royale Crowns, you can visit our website

There is no material to collect, no llamas, no buildings to save themselves from the team or the duo too. Queue all tears. Realm Royale has the same color scheme as Fortnite; so gray, green, purple and gold. I didn't see blue in the few hours that I played. If there are items that you don't need, you can make them uninspired because of fractions. You can then take the shards to the workshop and make one of six items, and queue up several different items. For example, I can make a tooth and a health potion or armor. The gear piece will take a full minute, while the pumpkin will only take 20-30 seconds.
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